Cheese appreciation thread

Sorry, thought I’d replied to you, but replied to myself instead.

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I read this as Chinese and not cheese do was prepared for a ChiFi talk.


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Pretty pleased with these random selections. Some rosemary sourdough in there too.


I’m really not especially into cheese. But I’m so glad this thread exists, haha!

and I’d said to James…Car

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my wife n her family are from Norway and the lack of cheese in Canada is always something they lament.

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Oh yeah baby…In heaven I am :yum:


One supermarket find I keep on coming back to is Sainsbury’s Shropshire Red. It’s like a good, strong cheddar but is as creamy as it is deep.

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OMG, there’s a cheese thread in here. Europe the cheese paradise.
Just a few picks from the top of my heads:

  1. Nederlands: Old Gouda - Cantenaar CANTENAAR | Hollandmaster
  2. Swiss: Jakobskäse Jakobskäse (€3,49/100g) – Bert & Boni Cheeserie
  3. UK: Extra mature Cheddar with Black Summer truffle Buy Truffle Trove | Extra Mature Cheddar w/ Black Summer Truffle | Snowdonia Cheese
  4. DE/CH/AU: Bergkäse (mountain cheese) in all variations Bergkäse - Wikipedia
  5. Spain: Manchego
  6. France: Camembert de Normandie
  7. Italy: Provolone

I’m with you on 1 and 3 :ok_hand:

We have a saying in this house. Was originally said dead-pan straight faced, unironically and completely seriously in conversation. One of my sons replied to his mother saying she couldn’t find the cheese:

“Mom… If you can’t find cheese in this house… You’re not looking very hard”.

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Primo sharp chedder:

Also, refined mild gouda:

Todays haul :cheese: :heart_eyes:


Todays small haul

Tomme de Savoie


Hollandmaster - Noord Hollander Creamy Mature


More swag :heart_eyes:

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Ah, cheese. I like it very much, most cheeses anyway - a good Wisconsin sharp cheddar is usually what I will reach for first - that and a good Brie - but I don’t have the passion for it that I am feeling in this thread! Perhaps I should pay more attention and dive in a bit more.

Great, now I’m hungry and there is no cheese to be found! :rofl:


Ashes, ashes!

I LOVE cheese, but not the real stuff. :grin:

I just finished two toasted cheese sandwiches with Velveeta processed cheese. Ummm.

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