Cheese appreciation thread

Now that you mention a good Brie - my wife does this baked brie thing, where she’ll sauté up a bunch of mushrooms and onions, then tops a wheel of brie with it all, pops the whole mess in the oven. When it comes out, the cheese has swelled, melted, and is amazing with crackers or as a topping for steaks.


who eats cheese with their whisky or other spirits?

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I’m from Wisconsin and am a wine person.
You have my attention, and support.


an Irjsh person that doesn’t drink whisky? WTH!

Holy shite that sounds good! I may have to show this to my bride (I have no shot of doing this! LOL!).

I’m more of a casual cheese grazer. You know, on a plate with a good cracker, bread and usually wine. I have been eating a lot of Panino’s, lately. That is a nice piece of mozzarella wrapped in Prosciutto or Salami. Really good.

You know, now that I think of it, I eat more cheese than I realize!

one of my fav snacks is heavily buttered French loaf with cheese.

On it again :cheese::heart_eyes:

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I’ll take one of each please :joy:

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saw this and knew I had to share it here!

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Working a great cheese today.

pairing it with a tasty rosemary cracker and a nice Rodney Strong '17 Napa Valley Merlot. Each hit of flavor is fantastic! Enjoy the day,


@Raptor168 Made less than 100 miles from my home! Go Wisconsin!

Well how cool is that! Small world. Seriously, though, this is extremely good cheese. Like, close your eyes and let it melt in your mouth kind of cheese. Ifound it by chance. Safevway has this place where they just deposit all kinds of different cheeses. I had just picked up my wine for Thanksgiving and decided to do some cheese bin diving! Saw this one and that was it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving day, Sir.

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Latest haul…

Montgomery Cheddar
Cave Aged Swiss Le Gruyère AOP
Truffled Spenwood


Tbh we’re blessed that this shop is (depending on where we’re moored) within 5-15 miles :pray: