Chifi Headphone Recommendations

So I’ve been using the same old Sennheiser HD25 for 10 years now and feel that maybe it’s time for something new. I happen to be going to China later in the year so I’ve been looking at Chinese headphones in particular.

I see people recommend the BLON B8/BossHiFi B8/Sivga SV006 a lot, but not many comparisons to headphones other than the Takstar Pro82. Zeos said great things in his review of them, but how good are these headphones actually? Are they better than the ATH-M50x for example?

Other ones that have caught my interest are an open version of the BLON B6/MSUR N550, and one of the DIY IE800 clones that were popular a year ago. There have particularly been glowing reviews of these IE800 clones by well-regarded Chinese reviewers. I know IEMs and headphones aren’t really comparable, but if these IE800 clones really were similar to the IE800, would they be better then the Sivga SV006 then?

Edit…Sorry for the miss quote…

I don’t know about the Sivga, but I found the IE800 to sound very V shaped. So I really disliked them. What kind of sound are you looking for?

The ie800 was pretty v shaped, and I didn’t like them that much either. And cmon, attached cables?

Yeah I guess they kept the fixed cables to minimize size. It’s dettachable at the middle for what that’s worth lol

I still own my IE80, and I would say it sounds better then the ie800 imo lol. Heard both at the same time, and went with the 80

I would say they are all better than the m50x’s. but if your in that price range chi fi IEMs are really good. like tin hifi, moondrop, KZ, and fiio to name a few.

Uh I am sure you already know this, but I would say give the Takstar Pro 82s a try. I mean decent sound and as well comfortable earpads.

I don’t mind my Revonext QT5s, but they are my first dive into the IEM world. I ordered Dekoni Bulletz thru Drop, so let’s see how those feel. I love the idea of shoving the things in my ear.

I am asking the wife for ZSN10 Pros as well… :slight_smile: I am a big fan of finding amazing cheap stuff.

KZ ZS10 Pros ftw :stuck_out_tongue: (+ foam tips, otherwise the treble could be annoying)

The Dekoni’s arrived, but are the 3mm, the QT5s are 3.5mm. Forced them on, very scarily… They are more comfortable, but I had to manhandle them on, and I was on the verge of thinking they were neutral/dark. Now they are a touch dark. Still don’t sound bad, but the smaller hole (because of the smaller tips) took them over the edge into a more dark territory.

New china headphones

the first headphone reminds ome of the m565 shape and the second reminds me of the m1060 I wonder if gold planar is buying the old drivers off of monoprice and putting it on a new body

Their in China, they probably just buy them from the same factory, or their a clone made to similar specifications.

I wonder if they are jumpin them now cause I suspect monoprice will be discontinuing the old line of planars

I would assume so if the 70 series are successful

so far so good with the 570. but the 1070 and 1075 are still a mystery cause they may very wll be all new drivers that we haven’t heard before.

Curious to see if they went with an audeze clone

I really wouldn’t mind that a nice dark bassy headphone would compliment the line nicely

Well if they are able to nail that, I think it would be a great deal. I just worry about the focal clone headband they decided to use because I don’t think it was designed to be comfortable with that much weight (lookin at you m1570)