Controversial Audio Opinions

I’ll start

Cables sound different
DAC’s with the same measurements sound different
Class D amps can sound good
Planar headphones are generally better than dynamic headphones
20 year old speakers are really similar to modern speakers

No flame wars, just state your own controversial opinions and move along.

  • Measurements as done by reviewers are (mostly) worthless

  • Harman-Target needs to die

  • Power Conditioners are a workaround for poor PSU design


Review videos shot FPV are terrible and unwatchable

What about running a Beyer DT880 on a phone dongle. Because power.

Also claiming that headphone and dongle be just as good as a dedicated Amp and DAC and fancier headphone, and even calling if a TOTL headphone/amp/dac killer.

Especially when I haven’t heard a TOTL headphone or amp or dac.

lol. I think you hit the perfect middle ground. Asside from speakers which I have 0 experience with, my experience aligns with all of what you said

Mind if I ask what your prefered target/tuning is? TBH, I quite like 2018 harman

This isnt even an opinion. Its flat out fact. There is a reason power conditioners aren’t an ancillary piece of equipment in most production environments. Because its part of the PSU design of every single piece of equipment in the shop. This isnt 1946. We dont use dirty ass 3-phase any more. Our machines wont work without a proper clean power source.

lol. Im super glad I listen to everything instead of watching.

ChiFi is only good when the stars align and they produce something excellent (regardless of price range). Otherwise it’s rehashed luke-warm garbage trying to grab up any money they can from consumers.

Class A > Anything, including tubes.

If you can’t design a product without having the power supply housed inside, you’ve fucked up. I’m tired of these tiny-ass desktop amps with power supplies you can bludgeon someone to death with.

Comfort is the most important point about headphones and IEMs.

High quality headphones, amps, and DACs won’t make you a better gamer. Spending hours and hundreds of dollars to replace a decent headset is procrastination from gttng guder. Pro gamers will still whip your ass with their sponsored headsets.

Bluetooth/wireless and DSP correction is the future. I’m excited for it.

Enjoy the shit you have, upgrade to better suit you, don’t go chasing fairies if you ain’t got the arms and legs to pay the cost.


the cake is a lie.


Reviewer excited about a gear when in fact it’s the music that make them feel that way (the intro to Beat it was so this and so that…)

Gamers…heeheehee :rofl:


Vinyl sounds better.

Personally, the friction sound that sometimes comes out of vinyl setups is my version of nails on a chalkboard.


The cake was actually a real thing. Like 3 months after GabeNs bday there was still a piece of leftover cake from his birthday in the employee fridge at valve and everyone was afraid to eat the last piece. Somebody didn’t know about it and took a bite of moldy 3 month old cake and spit it all over the place and said the magic phrase.

Source: lived near Redmond my whole life and had friends that worked there at the time. I kinda feel dirty for telling the story and ruining the mystique.


on a serious note…speaker burn in. I think it’s real.


There is no better, only different. Im sorry but this is just a silly statement.

Omega and Falcon acoustics speakers are NOTORIOUS for needing break in. They sound horrible for the first 100hrs or so and you assume there is a problem w/ them…


depending on your philosophy of life, both are accurate as better would be different and really, all headphones / speakers are a level of better, hence different.

but I do get what you mean. if someone is saying that, they’re a shit disturber who must try to make others feel bad about having better gear than them.

If it were at all true, we’d all just grab:

and call it a day since there is no better than this.

if what was true, fopps?

that there is no better, only different. sure everything is different, but to say there is no better is silly.

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There’s nothing wrong if you think your 3 dollars earbuds is the best sounding thing in the world and spending more is just an utter stupidity, but it is a problem if you try to convince and force other people to think the same way like you do.