DUNU x Gizaudio DaVinci 2DD+4BA Hybrid In-Ear Earphones

That sucks. I hope that you get better soon.

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Ah!! I do have smaller ear canals. Something new I learnt today!!

I have small ear canals, and I am very tolerable of higher frequencies. I crave spice in the sound (it has to be done correctly of course).

In that case, I think that you will like the Alba’s tuning.

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Hope you get your phone back and get well soon

I had to buy a new one :face_holding_back_tears:

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I can tolerate high frequencies too but I just don’t like them being pronounced. :joy:

Congratulations on your new phone. Which one did you get?

It’s always interesting to know which phones audiophiles go for.

I’m an android guy at heart but use iPhone just because it has bit perfect output and the USB out sounds much cleaner. On the BT front, it’s a huge downside that I have to settle with AAC.

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I bought my self samsung s24 ultra. I think this has bit perfect support, i have to confirm this via dac with display.

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You just need to use one of the “audiophile” music players like Neutron, UAPP or Poweramp and you can get that with any android.

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@Rikudou_Goku No this is the thing, samsung natively support bit perfect on any app like apple music. I tested it with moondrop dawn pro, on hires lossless file the green light comes on. I have to confirm this via a dac that has a display and shows what bit rate is playing.
All android 14 phones have the ability to play bit perfect it’s up to the companies to turn this feature on or not.

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aa right, if its streaming then that is another thing and u cant use those apps i mentioned.

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It is still in Pre-Order in my country, I might have to ask a friend.

After listening to Hype 4 - curiosity is getting out of my mind.

Good choice!! It’s surprising to know S24 Ultra has but perfect playback. Can you check and confirm?

I will surely make a lengthy post. I Will try to cover all the devices me and my friends have to check for bit perfect support.

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It supports bit perfect right outta phone? Surprising!

All android devices using android 14 will be bit perfect. It’s just a choice for the app developers instead of the phone manufacturers as it is solely a software issue. Further, due to its implementation style the user will be required to enable it both in system and app settings. It moves android closer to apple from a theoretical structure point of view as it’s a move away from specific USB audio drivers. It’s essentially just reprioritizing the audio mixer to enable an exclusive mode for the app engaged instead of the OS which previously necessitated a lower bit rate & depth to account for a wider array of potential program sounds.

The owner of Tonal wrote a great medium post explaining the system challenges for bit perfect on Mac if you guys are interested in more detail.


APIs for bit perfect output is available since Android 13 but app devs have to use them and adoption is very slow.

Spending my night with this beautiful iem. :heart::heart:


I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again, using wood grain as faceplate is one of the best thing about this IEM.