Earbuds Discussion Thread

Give it a go…my ears have no issues with any IEM apart from Blon 03 :crazy_face:…Bud sorted now :smiley:

Serratus :gem:


Maybe MX500 shells do not work optimally for you.

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If they had a sorta swans neck shape to them then maybe? but over ear seems to work ok :+1: I have no issue with that as I only listen on the barge.

You should try some other shells to see if they work better. Like the Yuin PK (DQSM Panda) or the Qian39.

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For sure will do :+1:…but I’m an outlier Z1R is my most comfortable set, If I gamed then I’d be good for 12hrs with that set :smile:

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its actually funny cuz I remember the reviewer Banbeucmas telling me that every bud he tried makes his ears literally BLEED. And he can use the Z1R as well. :joy:

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Buds or should I say MX500 don’t hurt my ears they just have a tenuous fit…upside down seems to work ok though…I like music :smiley: I’m not an audiologist so stuff either fits my ears or not lol… :notes::musical_note::smiley:

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Shameless self plug. I’ve got a sale up of six rikubuds all for $100 if your looking to get into the game.



LREY Portable Music Cronus
32 ohm Be plated driver
Brass shells

Extremely comfortable. For $45 including shipping the performance is quite good! Will write more on the sound later, but right off the bat they have really good bass, clear mids, and slightly recessed but sparkling highs! Loving them!

Got 2 more models. The ugliest one sounds the best :smiling_face_with_tear:.


On another note - sold the Rider 1 to a local budhead PhD student yesterday. Time to make way for gen 3 and get another guy roped into Rikubuds :wink: win win!


Nice work :raised_hands:


Ooo mmcx too? I’m wondering if these can replace my PAC buds for working out…

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Thanks for the reminder, putting my PAC buds in now. They’re not bad at all, and I find them comfy as far as buds go.


I was too late for this QQ

Summer came even to Poland, so 2 new fun builds with funky colours (one for a local friend). I am getting to some desired tuning that I can achieve with limited amount of free time, so some large milestone that I had in the beginning of the year.

Lavender, honeycomb vents with blue PET driver - very musical and engaging

Blue/white, funky LSD trip shaped vents with gold driver (I suppose LCP) - very similarly sounding, but with more emphasis on low end and a bit darker.


these are looking fantastic! well done!


I tried it today. I think it could be better, since I still got more bass If I push the buds into the ears, but there is a notable improvement. :slight_smile:

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Gazing upon my Sunniva, build no.4 :heart_eyes:

To be shipped today. Now a long wait awaits…but the reward is gonna be worthy :relieved:


Oh my, those are beauties on whole another level (which is especially clear to me when there are those pictures of mine 3 posts above I can compare to)! :smiley:

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