Earbuds Discussion Thread

Now on sale :+1:

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The early impressions so far on the Caster 3 is pretty much what I’ve been looking for. Just was notified I’m next up on the waiting list. Picked my colors and off we go…Pretty excited, although I couldn’t wait and found a pair of Assassin 2 used, they are simply amazing. I hope my Castor 3’s will still surprise me on the amazing sound as I travel/fall down the Rikubids Rabbit Hole :hole::wink::cowboy_hat_face:


BGVP DX7 is out. $99, available from ali hifigo and shenzenaudio. MMCX modular cable (3.5/4.4), 2 filters, carbon composite 14.2mm
I hope linsoul stocks them before 618 sale. Could be interesting $50 buy with their codes.


Shoutout to @Rikudou_Goku earbuds in this video from Dave while comparing to the Moondrop U-2.

Been listening to them for 2 days, early impression is that the mid-bass overpowers the upper mids and low treble, soundstage is narrower than average. Also, for me the fit is sub-optimal. I don’t have a set of calipers with me but the fit is worse than FiiO FF5 and EB2S Pro which have similar bell shells.


I don’t know which earbud thread to use but I will stick to this one.
Does any of you have firsthand experience with KSEarphone DB1E? It appears in rankings higher than LBBS but there is little to no info about earbud itself - signature etc.
I’m aiming for 618 sales and it’s either K’s or Alpha 3.

LREY thinking outside the box…


They look huge and funky!

Haha yeah they do look big

Noob question - is there some beginner guide to common mods and tuning earbuds? I keep seeing mentions of “modded Rosemary” and I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right. Difference with this tape and without is on placebo level for me.

Assuming that tape is non-porous and is actually 100% sealing, it should DEFINITELY make a noticeable difference.

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Okay, so back to the drawing board.

Out of curiosity, are you running the buds without any foams or did you just have them off to show the tape mod that you did? Because that could also make the difference between hearing any alteration in sound or not if you just run them “naked”.

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I use and test them with foams. I took them off to show which vents are covered with tape.


I’ve switched to transparent tape - slightly tamer bass and crispier highs. Fun experiment but with my basscentric mud-brainrot I wouldn’t call it obvious improvement.

just block the other 4 vents then if u cant hear the difference now.


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