Earbuds Discussion Thread

Might be of interest to you buddy :+1:

Ooops sorry the for sale link I posted was for the og DS and not black sand…sorry my bad.

I am yet to hear another earbud that’s as good as DS. The pairing with Tube Mini was outstanding.

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Awesome Danny for the win

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I just want to give another shout out to @Rikudou_Goku cause the Beserker 3s really closed out my collection. I’ve been playing a lot more guitar recently and they are the perfect tool for listening to backing tracks while still being able to hear my playing through the amp. Plus buds are just the best for watching youtube and being on zoom meetings. It feels so much more natural than IEMs.

Now I pretty much just use two setups; my Aur Ascensions for immersive music listening and the B3s for collaborative listening


LREY Aurora Deluxe edition…


Man I thought I’d never get a chance to hear this set but a big thanks to Chang from Nightjar Acoustics for bring his personal sets along to CanJam :raised_hands: and bless you brother… Cypherus Audio Black Dragon Susvara…


Chang’s also working on a flathead a 600ohm driver still work in progress but even now it sounded :gem: no name yet and hopefully it’ll come with a removable cable…

I also tried his Sun Copper which for me was a bit of a miss tuning wise, a bit boomy compared to his bud…


Ooooh how was the sound??

The most complete and well rounded set I’ve heard by quite some margin, seeing as I’d just been listening to Nightjar’s singularity the Black Dragon Susvara was as good and slightly more open being a bud which is high praise indeed seeing as Singularity’s a :gem: they both had wonderful tambre and effortless replay and both $1k+.
I think they might be using that to tune their set?, it had some of the same characteristics but not quite as well polished yet…can’t wait to find out the price of that set when it’s finished, I know it won’t be cheap but I’m interested for sure :+1:


I was very skeptical about the earbuds in general even few months back. All I had to do was to find that 5 minutes and tinker with adjustment. tl;dr I regret getting everything after Rosemary and going on a shopping spree (maybe with exception of Iris) instead of patiently waiting for my turn in the queue for GAS3. I have them only since yesterday but and I’ve only did some casual listening and some AB but I can easily say they are the best of a bunch I’ve tried, there is no real contest. For me the only “flaw” is they are not specialized set but you would have to enter minmaxing territory, and start compromising.

I also gave away Blue Vido and Snow Lotus 1.0.


Welcome to the Dark Side! It’s the best rabbit hole :sweat_smile:

If you want other sets to explore, check out the Flathead Sanctuary’s Ranking list: Wired Earbuds, Best of the Best Recs? - #118 by ttorbic


I’m fully aware of that list but I don’t want to go on another ride anytime soon :wink:
I need to get the most out of GAS3 for now.
Earbuds are strange to me - I can enjoy the hell out of Rosemary and despite it’s flaws, it’s the only thing I’ve ever listened, next to Penon Serial and either AD2000X or Audioquest Nighthawk (one of them, it was few years back) that can provoke some emotional reaction with specific tracks.
Alpha and FF3S on the other hand are still not there - more expensive, top tier accessories and build but still something is missing. For me skippable.
GAS3 finally hits that sweet spot where they feel like complete product.