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The Horizon will be here to stay, I will make it the classic model. Im going to introduce different wood grills like ebony wood but I need to choose the densest wood for the grills.


is there a way to tighten the rods so the cups don’t free spin quite so much? (I’ve had them just fall off my head because the cups rotated a bit) I put a bit of frog tape on mine and it helped a bit but a less stopgap solution would be nice :slight_smile:


Good to know, I will be picking up my Yggdrasil MIB early next year, and from what you are describing it will most likely sound amazing with that version of Horizon. A lot to look forward to in 2025. :grin:

Edit: responded to the wrong post, but my statement still stands. Lol

Hey Jeffery. Are the grills user replaceable? I would love to try those ebony wood grills. Also quick suggestion, I feel it would be nice to have a a little bit of branding on these cans. Nothing fancy, maybe a minimal SJY logo or the word “Horizon” in small text.

Unfortunately the chassis are part of the structure with the grill since it’s very compact. The inside is packed to the brim. I will probably offer a chassis swap if anyone requests it.
I will emboss the leather with the name once I get a new die.


Pro tip for extra comfort, the leather strap has a thick plastic piece in the middle of it for some reason. If you separate the leather from the velour you can cut it out or unscrew everything and take it out (I just cut it out), and now the headband is much more soft and supple. Now I just need to glue the leather and velour back together.
Also side note, I upgraded to a Sabaj A20D 2023 and it drives the Horizons well and I feel like I can hear a small but clear detail difference compared to other dac/amps I’ve owned for the first time in my life.


Your pads haven’t even broken in yet, and you are already moding your Horizon. :rofl:

A true audiophile you are! :wink:

Yea the foam is really springy so I think it will take a long time to break those in lol.

But I was working with the leather strap to try and loosen it up and it ripped open and I discovered the plastic inside, and thought no wonder it was so stiff.

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Update. It’s definitely the RCA SE connection that was kneecapping the A70 Pro. Being fed off the Balanced XLR connection via the D70 Pro, the A70 Pro has miles of headroom. Doesn’t even break a sweat with the Horizons.

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RCA is 2v vs XLR at 4v, so whenever you have the option always go with XLR out from your DAC.

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If I end up getting the ZMF Aegis in 2026 (provided that it is still available), I am really curious as to how it will pair with Horizon. Given that others are using it to drive other hard to drive planar headphones, I would assume it would be an interesting listening session. Especially when paired with my upcoming Yggdrasil MIB purchase next year. :thinking:

It seems Valhalla 3 is back on the release schedule, and now that throws another variable into my upgrade path. :rofl:

If it ends up being planar friendly, I might have to seriously consider it depending on reviews. I know Jason has a good relationship with DCA, so hopefully that translates into a wonderful tube amp for planars.

Imagine Horizon on a Schiit Audio tube amplifier, :drooling_face:.

Forgive me for salivating at the idea, I am a Schiit Head after all. :wink:

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Going to be doing my early morning listening session with my Starry Night V1 on this tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got a late start, but the first few tracks sound more open and airy. I am not noticing any detail loss over the Mjolnir 3 (but the MJ3 hits harder though). Vali 3 does require high gain and the volume knob is turned up to around 2 to 3 o’clock. Given that the base unit costs $150, that is very impressive considering how Starry Night V1 first run likes power. The power brick is heavy enough to kill a man, so I would guess that helps matters.

In Vali 3 threads it is recommended to allow the unit a few dozen hours of run time to settle into its final sound signature. If it is preforming this well now, I can’t wait to hear it in its final form. I have received many recommendations for tubes to roll next year, and that will be an adventure in sound all its own.

I have powered down my MJ3 for now while I burn in the Vali 3. Jason always manages to impress with his amp designs. I have been a fan of his work since I first turned on my Asgard 3 (first piece of Schiit :wink:)

I am going to give Moonlight a try on this amp, and I will hook Horizon up to it when I get my pair next year.

Edit: A great track to listen to on this setup is Vermilion Pt.2 (Slipknot).

@Etroze86 So I guess your prediction that I would like tubes was correct. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

should be getting the other 2 horizon pads today interested which ones I’ll settle on


magnets on the new pads are a bit too weak, they can shift around a bit when moving your head and I had one fall off when taking the headphones off.
comfort wise I’m liking the memory foam the most rebound and stock are pretty similar.
sound wise memory foam just seems too congested compared to the others but depending on the music could be fine or if you get used to it, stock and rebound are very close rebound is a tad more open otherwise minimal difference.
probably just going to stick with stock for the most part.


Lol glad you’re enjoying it and the Cali takes very well to tube rolling iirc so you’ll have infinite fun with it.