Feedback for Buy & Sell Thread

we don’t have a sub-forum for this yet so I thought I’d put this up and see if there is enough gear to make the idea sustainable.

a few requirements:

  1. for sellers, you must include a picture of equipment with a piece of paper showing your HFG username and the date you are listing the ad. if the date does not match, the post will be removed.
  2. For buyers, mention what you want, price range (be realistic, don’t just lowball in the hopes there’s a bite) and then where you are, providing your state / province / prefecture and zip / postal code and preferred payment methods
  3. include where you’re located and where you are willing to ship to (ie. NA incl Canada / Alaska / Hawaii, CONUS only, internationally, etc)
  4. what payment methods you will take
  5. description of equipment, like age, condition and any repairs / mods it’s had

if there are other requirements you think would help ensure only legit ad’s are posted, do share!

NOTE - HFG, it’s owners, partners or affiliates bear no responsibility in the accuracy or legitimacy of this thread or the posts there-in. There is 0% liability or culpability if something goes wrong, sideways because of fraudulent activity, shipping issues, payment issues, buyer / seller issues or disagreements.

edit - this is for a B&S on a computer forum, so rules would need to be tweaked for audio gear, but following this format is what I support / recommend:


I still don’t have confirmation if we can have this, but personally I would be for it, but I can’t endorse anything until I get permission from the actual owners of the site lol. Gets a bit complicated (you are not the only one who has wanted this, there have been many threads)


fair enough. let’s see what the response is…if enough like it, perhaps that will be the tipping point for an official decision :slight_smile:

Would have this like:

  1. Include a picture of the product with your username and date on paper.
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There’s definitely the support for it, it’s just implementing it is my guess (legal things too most likely)


I would like to reccomend to always use Paypal unless its local. dont get tricked into using paypal family cause refunds wont work if shit hits the fan


I am putting revisions into the requirements / rules as I think of them or see mentioned. :slight_smile:

I’m going to move this to site feedback for now

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we could also develop a way to add rep in this thread. like say number of confirmed trades and such.

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cheap…like free if you are up to be generous to poor beggar. Seriously though…free is good, but I’ve got very little money. I need something that will drive both high and low impedance phones. I’m interested in a tube hybrid the most right now and a DAC that is fairly neetral (think Topping D10 or Khadas Tone Board.)

Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, V8J 2C7

PayPal or eFT for payment methods.

For this I would just make a HifiGuides Classifieds category and people would make threads there if I were to implement it


good idea M0N. perhaps a more standardized forum format could be adopted as well? one where posts can be submitted and needs to be reviewed by mods / admin before showing as another stop gap to protect from fraudulent offers.

With 3 news paper from different continentals and one from yesterday, one for today and one for tomorrow. :upside_down_face:


I mean, sure?

playing devil’s advocate MF?

No, just having this set of B/S/T tules open in another tab.

i just hate the paper thing with names and dates and shit.
Could also include sellers mom and birthday certificates from hospital and church and the lot.

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The paper with the item is just the easiest way to ensure the seller actually has the item.

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little bit of photo shop goes a long way.
still hate it. selling and buying for dummies.

I would make a category template that you would just have to fill out to make it easy to maintain a format