Fidelice by Rupert Neve Designs

Rupert Neve is launching a consumer oriented brand for music playback.

Products include RNDAC- Dac with integrated headphone amp, RNHP- SE headphone amp, and 7566- Phono preamplifier.

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It looks like nice stuff, and pretty interested in the dac, but the headphone amp seems like a rnhp in a different case (I’m sure that’s the case lol). Rupert stuff is super solid and isn’t usually on peoples radar because of their more studio focused nature

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Yeah, pretty sure it’s a ‘repackaged’ RNHP. It even has all of the same inputs and buttons, just a nicer looking case. I’m super curious as to how much they’ll be charging/price-point with these.

Really interested in the dac. And it’s got a balanced headphone output! It’s basically a true preamp.

Neve’s main specialty and well known for analog, so I wonder how good the implementation will be

Also think it could match well with a peachtree nova amp if the wood was close enough

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Oh, yeah. It probably would. :face_with_monocle:

looks cool - could sell this DAC to my wife for the living room
Rupert Neve what could be nicer in heritage

wonder how the dimensions are - looks like the DAC could fit nice on the THX AAA 789
the hf amp is 6.5” wide x 4.6” deep and 1.9” tall - will the DAC be the same? it looks a bit wider on the pictures

how is the DAC Chip implemantation? which AKM DAC Chips could be used…
the price will be premium over 500 or even 1000? -if so I would prefer the RME Adi 2 as known Benchmark with remote, the crossover functions, eq and display- while not very living room friendly in my wifes (strange) opinion :slight_smile:

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I think it’s about double the size of the headphone amp (in both height and width).

AKM 4497.

I think it looks quite nice.

thank you christopher

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Good looking design, and I’m sure they perform beautifully. But whenever I read the Brand name I see: FIELD LICE.

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Haha! :rofl:

My brain corrects it to ‘Fidelis’.

“Always Faithful” is a whole lot better than “disease carrying insects.” :laughing::laughing:

Amen to that, brother. :+1:t4:

Pre-order is up, and apparently it’s an exclusive. Out next Wednesday.

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Hmmmmm. Do I get it for my studio. I don’t know. I don’t need the dac since I have a better dac but I do wish I had an upgraded rnhp since i still use that for alot of studio work

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Also unboxing by resolve

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You KNOW it’s gonna be amazing.

But I mean I have just a dac that is almost twice the price and it’s just a dac lol. I want to get just an amp and don’t really want to pay extra for a dac

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I venture to guess that they’ll release an upgraded RNHP with the balanced outputs, but do you really want to wait till they decide to release one? :blush:

Well I mean the fidelice dac has xlr analog in, but I don’t want to pay for the extra dac when I only want the headphone out lol

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