🔶 FiiO FH3 2BA 1DD

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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: NO

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Z Reviews…

ehm why do we have 2 threads on the FH3? :joy:

Hang on…trying to move the original posts to the new official one :+1:

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Ist impressions are best bass quality of any FiiO earphones. Good use of the beryllium driver.


Ready for review! Any plans for ISN H40?

I gotta get from a Patreon. Penon won’t sell me :frowning:

FH3 vs Thor Mjolnir?

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Chris stated in his Discord Mjolnir > FH3. I think he’s really taken with the Mjolnir, but I’ve seen some Q&A issues. I don’t know if they’re ready for prime time.

THOR all day long. QC is withAbalone shell caps like CFA had on Solaris SE. Abalone shell should be banned :wink: The FH3 is not doing cymbals how I’d like. little bit too muted

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:frowning: I thought you loved them??? You’re going to break my heart.

I’ve got the Thor coming eventually. I was also seeing some photos where it appeared the metal portion including the nozzle was sticking out away from the IEM body? That’s what scared me the most.

I like FH3 but cymbal geeks will note the slightly subdued replay.

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Cable measured at 0.49 ohm. I am changing the cable to the Faaeal litz copper cable, the MMCX connection on the shells are VERY hard to detach so I wouldnt recommend changing the cable much. I was so afraid of breaking something while detaching the stock cable (that is pre-attached).

Fits me like a glove, really good fit but I get a little driver flex on both sides though.

Some very very early first impressions are: Bass is pretty high in quantity, but is clean. Mids on both male/female vocals are pretty high in quantity as well as the treble. Not sharp on Evanescence - bring me to life so shouldnt be sharp on my other songs, but havent tried a lot of songs yet so of course I cant say for sure it wont be sharp at all.

First impressions are very good, in basically all aspects, from sound to accessories.


I should be getting mine today.

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Is driver flex damaging to the dynamic driver?

No it isnt. The flexing isnt as much as on the Ibasso IT00. (it is extremely rare for me to get driver flex, probably not more than 5 of my 50+ has it)

The IT00 has the worst driver flex I’ve ever heard, so I was wondering if it was contributing to the damaging to the IEM possibly. I have never heard driver flex on my FH7, and the FH7 has no suction on my inner ear. Super comfortable! Excited for the FH3 since it’s tuning appears to be closer to my preferred FR.

I believe there was driver flex right from the start on my it00 though.

But as far as I know, driver flex shouldnt damage the iem at all, just an annyoing con for you.

I am enjoying the FH3 a lot, thats for sure. And I would have reviewed this even if I bought it myself (this is a review unit), so it is above my minimum requirement to get a review (A- at least).

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Very good to know! Thank you!

Awesome! You are making my wait till this afternoon worse. lol

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no problem bro!

Hope you enjoy the FH3 as much as I do when you get it!

Do be careful if you are going to change the cable, it was suuuuuuuper hard to remove.

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I really like the Fiio cables so I don’t plan on replacing the FH3 cable. I loved the FD1 cable. Hated the IEM.

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