🔶 FiiO FH3 2BA 1DD

In heavy music, midrange and how the driver works with speed is very important. This does not work well with FH3! The guitars are slightly blurred! For example, FH3 has a hard time coping with dynamics like this ARCHSPIRE - 'Bleed the Future' (Full Album Stream) 2021 - YouTube , but for lighter genres it works! There is a lot of bass, but it is not very fast at FH3. The man made a mistake by selling FH7.

I’ve listened to that album a ton using this set and I don’t know what blur you’re referring to.

And again I have to strongly disagree. The main attraction on this set (for me) is how fast and tight the bass is. I have never heard it start to fall apart or get sloppy, even on tracks with absurd speed in the low end like Archspire’s.


I didn’t like the sound in FH7 for heavy music, even redmi air dots 2 sounded more fun for me, yes, it is clear that they are worse in everything, but they were fun. I do not regret a bit that I sold the FH7. If FH3 does not fit, I will look for something else, possibly FD3.

Have to admit that I like the KZ dq6 for metal
And for 26 bucks it’s worth trying imo if they fit you and if you can stand the treble :stuck_out_tongue:


What genres do you think it will

O know what are you talking. For me metal genres need s an iem that is not only technical but has more musicality and at the same time more mass on low end that should be fast and not too boomy but also not too light. Also not too harsh treble but good amount. Then it is enjoyable to listen. And fd7 is really good but it is more to monitoring side not musicality and fun. And fh3 for me is really good at metal. To tighten bass a little more that metal needs i use some wide bore tips like azla sedna. So for me ot is good iem for metal.

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Just put tuning foams in it.


I must disagree with you on this. FH3 sound particularly resolving with that particular Archspire album.
In general I believe they sound great with metal as the bass is there when called for but not at all intrusive.
Maybe it is the YouTube MP3 quality the issue or maybe tips.
I have not such problems with Tidal and spinfit CP-100.


Coupled with Shure’s BT2 these things truly shine.
I must admit that the Shure cable sounds clearly better than Fiio’s own LC-BT1 which I also recently purchased. The sound with the latter seems congested in comparison.


Fh3 is quite good for metal. Also Im loving the Timeless+hipdac combo with genres like these.

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Dear @Resolution, I did a lot of research before I purchased the FH3 and encountered your comments on @HiFi_Dreams video, from where I found my way to this thread. Your opinions have helped shape my decision a lot, especially because you shared your collection of the various FiiOs and you could personally compare one to another. Due to the currency volatility in my country, I had one shot at getting something decent so I had to do my homework. My oh my, what a good decision that was! I’m absolutely in love with these buds and I wanted to thank every contributor in this thread, but especially you for all the informative posts you’ve made. Wish you the best.

For future reference, I was referring to this post on another thread by Resolution


Hi. I came from future year 2022. I just bought Sony XBA-N3AP (used) 2 days ago. I also have FiiO FH3 (tip rolled, cable 4.4) with Shanling UA5 dongle.

At first 2-3 hours test, i thought N3 sucks. Too warm, bloated, no details, much less dynamics. I almost sell it back.

Then later at night I tested again for 2 hours. But this time I put in tips spinfit Cp100 size SS. Boom! It snug into my ear canal perfectly at best comfort and isolation (i think it’s because N3 long nozzle and spinfit can tilt). I know this will sound different. I hit play, that was it! I know it sounds better than Fh3. I kept playing songs for 1 hour. No discomfort sign. Good.

Then I put FH3 back, the listening became less fun. Fh3 has better technicalities, but just a smidge. N3 sound better overall (but not far off), especially its natural timbre! You will hear Fh3 sounds a bit metallic BA timbre.

But of course, these iems are not in same price range.

Lesson learned, make sure you do tips rolling and isolation at best

I’m selling my Fh3 #fiiofh3 #sonyn3 #sonyxban3ap

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