🔷 Geshelli Labs JNOG DAC

This is the official thread for the Geshelli Labs JNOG DAC

This thread is for discussion and reviews.


  • Optional usb in, coax and toslink input, RCA & XLR output
  • AK4493 with optional Amanero usb
  • Customizable

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Z Reviews…

Hello guys, it seems like geshelli will FINALLY produce a dac with an usb interface!!!

Let’s keep an eye on it for the upcoming reviews!

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I have the Jnog for review. It should be up in a few days but if you have questions let me know.

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Lets just say Erish and Jnog combo equal AMAZING!

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how long is it compared to the rnhp? whats it do for the Erish? i know you just got it though hahah

The screws on the Jnog align nearly perfectly with the screws on the front of the RNHP.

Honestly, I’ve had the Erish for months and I didn’t love it at first. I knew that something sounded off with it compared to the Archel 2, and Archel 2.5. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I heard or read some where I think it might have even been Zeos that found the same thing.

I listened with the Focal Clears and some Hifiman and wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t right to me.

I reached out to Geno at Geshelli and he verified what I thought. The Erish needs a cleaner DAC than the ENOG2 which is just crazy to me,

Any way, to the point the Erish is a completely different beast now. I’m hearing what I can only explain is grain in some songs. I had to pause the song to make sure it wasn’t static/ white noise. I cranked the volume up fully on the amp and it was dead quiet…

So I listened again and realized the noise was in the music. The more I listen the more I found details that I’d not noticed before… Like I think it was a Led Zepplin song that I’m sure paper dropped or it sounded like someone flipping through sheet music. I went back and listened a few times.

The resolution of the Erish is now fantastic on par or I’d even say slightly better than the RNHP.

Its crazy but I don’t think I’d recommend the Erish without the JNOG or better DAC, it really needs it.

Also the JNOG improved the sound of the other amps as well from my initial listens but to my ears there is a noticeable quality difference in the balanced outputs and the single ended. Both sound good but the Bal IMO sounds better.


I guess I can say I think the Jnog and Erish is the most transparent setup that I’ve ever heard.

For better or worst.


I have my Erish connected to a Denafrips Ares2 through a Schiit Frea S. This is part of my main system.

Sounds really good.


Orders just went live. I hurried up and grabbed one while I can.


Nice to see a Geshelli DAC with USB input. Not having USB input is such a big achilles heel that I personally never considered a Geshelli DAC.


I can understand that, we’ve been using 2 ENOG 2’s on pc in the office with optical. They are badd Ass… But recently I found the Erish needed an even cleaner DAC to drive it to perfection and the JNOG did…

I got it in for review on Wednesday and was refreshing last night making sure to grab one to call our own when the demo unit goes back.

The jump from the Modi to ENOG was huge, the JNOG takes it up an notch and the usb means it’s more flexible now.

I will probably buy the JNOG since I already have the Erish and I love it (currently using it with the Soncoz LA-QXD1, I wonder what would be the difference)
I’m considering buying an Archel to get a complete balanced/single ended set but I’m confused since there’s 3 different options for sale right now.
Of the 3 (2.5 Pro, 2 GMR and 2 Pro) which would you say pairs better with the JNOG using the RCA inputs?

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I’ve tried all their amps expert the new GMR but I’m pretty sure I know what to expect from it.

My custom colored Erish and Archel 2.5pro… under it is the demo JNOG


I’ll explain the difference but I have some reviews up also. See here if you want more in-depth thoughts. TLR review

The Archel 2GMR is a revised Archel 2 that now has the same basic internals of the 2.5 which increased the power to the full watt. The older 2 had around .6 watts. It was a great little amp it was just underpowered if you had headphones that needed power. Something like the Hifiman 4XX or DT880 you’d want more power… So they revised it and now it has the exact same power as the Archel 2.5. RCA and 3.5 input*

The Archel 2.5 was the higher power option with different internals that accepts balanced XLR inputs. It was designed to accept a clean balance XLR signal, and its output was also very clean (low noise)… and again it was the Strongest Single-ended amp they offered until the 2GMR…
**** It has XLR and RCA input***

The 2 pro again is a clean little amp and definitely worth it when you compare it to other $100 amps despite having less power. It’s remarkably clean.

So if you buy the JNOG and want to have both amps connected. I’d connect the Erish to the XLR and either the new 2GMR or 2.5 pro…

The deciding factor between the 2 would be the GMR has the option to connect a 3.5mm cable for a media player, phone etc and a RGB led.

The 2.5 can accept a balanced XLR input. … If you have a second DAC or Split the XLR from the JNOG


Thank you for your help.
I didn’t know the 2 and GMR didn’t have XLR inputs, Geshelli really should put more pictures on their page, there’s even a misplaced Erish picture on the Archel 2 Pro store page.
I tried XLR slitter cables before with the LA-QXD1 and it introduced too much noise so I stopped using them.
I wish there was an Archel model with RCA pass-thru.
If the 2 GMR and 2.5 Pro sound the same on the RCA input then I guess I will go for the 2 GMR since it’s cheaper and the import tax is going to hurt.

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That’s probably the choice I’d make too…

JNOG, RCA to Archel 2GMR

and just turn off the amp that you’re not using at the time.


It’s just a guess but I’d think the 2GMR and 2.5 will sound identical on the RCA, single ended output. The chips used internally are now the same and designed by the same person.