🔶 Grado SR125e/225e/325e

This is the official thread for the Grado SR125e/225e/325e

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • On Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews…

Nice, thx for the new thread for the other Prestige Series headphones.

I’m very much looking forward to getting my 325e, ordered them from Moon-Audio and I hope the get shipped today.

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this is just HFG catching up with official threads to headphones that have been out for quite some time…or has something changed recently on these that I didn’t catch?

Nothings changed lol…It’s just an official thread to discuss ‘Grado’s SR125e/225e/325e’ that’s all…it helps to keep threads tidy and a place to discuss these sets :+1:

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so shouldn’t the SR60e and SR80e be included in this as well? :wink:

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Those have a thread already:

merge them? :wink:

Ohmboy just splitted them lol.

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The two sets are different enough In both construction and sound IMO to warrant different threads.

not really. they’re all from the Prestige series…every Grado is built the same way with a few variables in the materials. the only thing that really separates these is the driver and how they’re tuned.

only reason I see to separate them is price range and the fact the 60e and 80e are probably the more popular due to their lower pricing. :slight_smile:

but okay, is what it is, LoL.

So I’m thoroughly impressed with the 80’s and have the 60’s coming, has anyone moved up the line and regretted it? Loved it? Just not sure where to go from here or if I even need to. 80’s on a BTR5 is just :ok_hand:t2:

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hey 11, have you tried pad swapping on the 80’s? I’m not sure about the higher 125e and higher, but the 60e n 80e respond well to pad swapping.

also, we probably should have a mod move both your post and mine to the 60e / 80e thread! :wink:

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I bought me some yellow pads to try out the “Sunflower” mod on my SR325. Somehow, jamming two pairs of pads onto them will improve the bass lol



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Good point, I’ll tag you and reply on there

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I got a pair of TTVJ’s flat pads for Grados that use the L cushion like on my 325e and they make quite a big difference. The bass is more present since your ear is closer to the driver and some how the highs are less peaky. Also, the soundstage is a little smaller but to me it sounds better like that with the sound not being as thin and the overall signature has more heft to it.

I never thought a simple pad could change the sound signature so much but these little suckers make quite a big difference. For $35 I think it’s well worth giving them a try if you have any Grados that use the L cushion, I bet even on the SR60, SR80, and SR125 could benefit from this pad.

I fully agree! I put a set of TTVJ flat pads on my SR325’s (original, not “i” or “e” version), and the low end came up significantly. I also noticed that I could listen at higher volumes before the treble became to pronounced for my liking.

When I ordered mine there was both a regular flat pad for $30, and an upgraded version for $50. I asked TTVJ what the difference was, and apparently they are the same material, but the upgraded version has been treated in some way to further improve the low end response. Not sure if that makes any actual sense, but since I’m a sucker I spent the extra money and got the upgrade. I love them, and my Grado SR325’s have not seen this much listening time in years. But without an A-B comparision, I can’t say if the upgrade was worth it.

I would be curious to hear if anyone has done an A-B comparison on the two versions of TTVJ pads.

Can anyone comment on replacing the stock rod and gimble with one of the all aluminum versions? Did you like the result? I’m wanting to make my SR325’s feel less like they are going to fall apart every time I pick them up. The plastic connection between the rod and the headband is getting a little loose. I’m considering something like this:

With a new spring steel band and leather headband. My goal is to make them feel more solid/reliable for daily use.

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Shipibo makes great stuff. I got the slim rod blocks are gimbals for my Hemps and they are fantastic. They are solid build and they actually help the comfort a bit as well since it allows more tilting of the cups.

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