Guideray GR-i 50$ Goodness

So here is the data out there from BGGAR.

My impressions: Pretty damn good for the cost full stop. They are light, have subjectively good looks(I like them a lot regarding that), I cable is not pure sh-t(slightly plastic-y, but no kinks and looks good to me as well), and they fit like a glove. My preferred as well over the KZ ZSX.

Sound(4hrs in): Overall smooth with good balance with a slight tweak. Natural Timbre as well, no metallic or plastic sound from these. Good bass, I’d say its balanced with the mids. It also has some punch, but it is not super deep or overdone to me. Mids are detailed, but seem hazy to me…due to the treble being slightly dark for me. Its a nice listen by default, but man do they shine with just a 1db bump at 4k and one at 14k-ish. With that minor adjustment from my LG V30 it really is balanced to me. I will see about EQing them with my ES100 to double check with a different source effectively. I don’t know the slopes on the music app for the V30 so…science.

Also pro tip, the small single flange tip fell off the nozzle in my ear so that was unpleasant and I had to have a friend help. My tips so far are the Spinfit CP360, they are the true wireless ones and the retention ring works great with them along with good fit for me. So if you need a little more movement to get them seated deep and properly I would suggest them. Also the off brand Sony tips work too, but are not my preferred. Pics in a sec…

Additional edit::FML I didn’t think Spiral dots would fit as the stem is on the smaller side, but no issues here and I don’t need to EQ either when I make the change :smiley:

I picked these up today after ordering the t4 for 20 bucks, so I’ll have to see how it fairs lol. Looks pretty nice and am curious to see how they sound

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I love my pair. The stems are definitely smaller than most out there. That said, they are the only iems I have that I didn’t need to change the tip on from what they came with. They are very comfortable and they seal nicely too.

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Nice, currently wondering when mine will ship out

So, I actually am liking mine more than the t4 at the moment (but that’s a different story), and am using the stock double flange tips. This is a really nice iem for the price, and feels very solid, has great comfort for me, and sounds the part for the price :+1:


Interesting, in comparison to the t2 what do you think? It’s because I was gonna get the t2s for my brother but if the sound quality is at least on par or near he would prefer these because the design is totally his style

He’s used the t2 before

Hmmm. I think that if you wanted a more even/neutral sound the t2s would still be my pick, but if you wanted something in the slight v shape territory, the guideray is pretty nice. I personally think the gr-i is more comfortable and better isolating too without foam tips

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Hmmmmmm I’m intrigued. Is the clarity and instrument seperation or sound stage at least kinda similar?

If so im in. I know my brother would love them

Yeah, although I think the t2 might have better separation but the guideray’s come off as more immediately clear because of their signature

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Whoah I think I’ll get them then. Thnx!

I mean I do think they are pretty worth it imo. I think the blon holds better bang for the buck but I think these are much more comfortable and also better out of the box. I do think the t2 is better in the fit in finish department tho

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I really like my Guideray gr-i58, most comfortable IEM I’ve ever worn. The Blon sound great, but don’t seal properly for me, which was a real bummer.

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Yeah I prefer my guideray over the blon for this exact reason


Oh no! Did I make the wrong decision with the BLON? I like V shaped sound, and the BLON are definitely not V shaped, the treble is rolled off a lot. Do these still have similar bass and better treble detail?

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Also does anybody know the difference between the Gr-i18 vs Gr-i68? There are those 2 models listed on Amazon, the Gr-i18 is purple, and the Gr-i68 is dark gray/black.

The only differences are the colors.


Really? Have you tried them yourself?

I got the black pair for a friend and have the purple one for myself and they are the same. Some of them have a mic and some don’t though so look for that