🔶 HarmonicDyne x Zeos ERIS

I think that measurement vs the Athena is going to throw a lot of people off jsut based on the fact that the measurements aren’t normalized to each other. The Eris definitely has more bass based on this, but it’s not as ridiculous as this make it look. Here is a quick and sloppy photoshop with the Athena line moved up to align more properly with the Eris. I’m sure people will complain about the small dips at 1k and 2k, if that’s even really there, but your headphone looks closer to “ideal” Harman tuning than the Athena, lol.

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I mean it is in the same chassis as Athena and Black Hole but the driver changes everything. I wouldn’t even compare them to be honest. Thanks for the edit btw

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Unboxing video


I did a preorder without realizing that I would have to wait something over 30 days before the things even shipped. I wasn’t thrilled about the $30 for shipping either. I’m so used to free shipping on everything.

On another note, the graph is irrelevant without hearing them first. Looking at the graph one would think these must sound terrible.

I need to recommend you watch one of Rick Beato’s more recent YouTube interviews with Dave Natale, who is the live FOH mixer for some of the most famous rock bands in the World. He EQs the sound system & by no means is he going for a flat frequency response. He is going for taking out painful frequency & mud. I suspect that is what these headphones kind of do with their tuning.

On another note, I’m not thrilled about DHL shipping. Not even 1 time has DHL successfully delivered a package to me. UPS or FedEx are near 100% successfully delivering to my address. I don’t know wtf is wrong with DHL.

Reminds me of my m50x.

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I think some might not know what a FOH is so I’ll add.
Front of House Mixer is the guy at shows who is in or behind crowd mixing and managing the sound as heard by the crown front of stage/audience. Good ones create great sounding shows. Some shows have bad to none and sound like chaos/shit

This Eris does as advertised. Vocals sit back but raising bass is going to do that
Overall it is a great and fun set that rivals a broken in Modhouse audio in comfort and in sound


Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. you didn’t

THIS JUST IN… Eris has started shipping!


Got my shipping notification, good stuff. Glad to see the positive review from Chris as well, man knows his bass.


I’m interested in seeing the Eris compared to the Zeus Elite.

My order has shipped from linsoul!


Eris has more bass than Fidelio X2HR?

I’l tell you for sure next Saturday…but until then it’s defo yes lol.


Mine is supposedly scheduled for delivery tomorrow. =D

And they are here!

“The Bass Violence…” is a good slogan for these, JFC… Lol
They kind of remind of the sound I get out of my Focal Clears when I plug them into the Emotiva bassX with 250ohm output impedance, which skews their low-end to ridiculous levels. They are a lot of fun though.


Song Recommendations for these:
-Electricity - Dua Lipa
-anything by Tokimeki Records (name of the artist, not a record company)
-Honey (Album) - Robyn
-I Hear You (Album) -Peggy Gou
-Lets go Mt Corel - FF7 Rebirth OST
-Friends on Mushrooms (Album) - Infected Mushrooms (honestly amazing with these)
-Club Soda Vol. 2 (album) - Cookiee Kawaii (another very good fit)

Will edit this post and update this list as I find more music with good synergy with these.

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My delivery failed. Big sad. I still can’t even see who the carrier is with the tracking info, but I don’t know why they didn’t leave them at the door. Now I gotta contact linsoul to try again.

It was DHL for me. They send you an email and text with the ability to waive the signature requirement, otherwise you have to be around to sign for it. I’d check your email for something from DHL. Your order details page should have a tracking number too.

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Found it, much appreciated. Went directly into the junk folder.

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If it’s DHL they have a fail rate of 100% for me. I have expressed concern of this earlier in this thread.
I have my order receipt for the Eris. No shipment info has been sent yet.