Headphone Stands

Currently I use one of the classic Omega headphone stands, but it crushes my Ori’s earpads. Does anyone has a different stand that they like? I know ZMF is coming out with a stand at the end of the summer so I will probably be waiting for that to come out but other options would be nice to hear about!

Zeos loves the AmazonBasic Yoga Blocks. I’m likely to give those a shot soon.

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I hang mine but I guess that depends on weight and headband construction?

I looked into those but I’m trying to limit my pads being crushed

This is currently what I’m doing but I’m worried they might get bumped off as they are just on the side of my desk

You could get some memory foam off cuts and glue them to a thin yoga block to make your own custom stand, it might take the pressure off the pads?..Off to go fund me lmao.

Yeah I don’t put my Sennheiser cans on the Yoga Blocks. Everything else is OK with the stretch.

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I got these on sale awhile back and they work well. Some headphones like my Meze 99 are too large for the hook but it still works.

have you heard form ones of our many prophets of bananas? https://www.amazon.com/Spectrum-Banana-Holder-Satin-Nickel/dp/B000G66N2M/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=banana+rack&qid=1562089399&s=gateway&sr=8-13


Bought a bunch of Rubbermaid fasttrack rails and hooks from a hardware store and it does the job

Theeze look great:


Does anyone know what stand Josh Valour uses?

Dude, you’re doing it wrong, that stand is meant to be used with a roll of toilet paper on it for weight distribution. Though I guess Sennheiser is letting you get away with it by designing their headbands with no padding in the middle so there’s nothing to crush. :slight_smile:


I use duct take and metal coat hangers.
Don’t mock me it works.

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how about this.i think mine is better :):wink:

I have a board with wood dowels attached by screws mounted above my desk. Works very well for my purposes anyway.

Yours is fancy and expensive. I found mine in the middle of the road.

DIY prototype. paper towel holder stand 5-15$ and can hold multiple headphones.


question…some worry about stands being too wide and weakening the clamping force. with these smaller stands, wouldn’t they put a kink / wrinkle in the head band padding ?