Headphone up to 1000Euros (From DT770)

Hello everyone I hope you are doing great.
So I had made another post about this but kind of wanted some more info/ changed my mind.

I have the DT770 pro 80 ohm and I am looking to upgrade in the near future. I will make a direct comparison to the sound of this headphone as to what I want.

I generally really like the 770 but I want to hear something that is overall higher end.

First of all the things I would like to fix are: High frequencies do sound a bit harsh sometimes especially with loud volume. Siblance is noticeable sometimes. I am not super sensitive to this but it appears to be a bit fatiguing. I want something with smoother or more laid back or sweeter high frequencies.

Second thing is that the mids do sound a bit distant. Again not a huge issue I don’t care that much about vocals but I would like them to be a bit more present.

Here are the things that I like on this headphone but I want to specifically improve: Detail and resolution. (Well I guess this is obvious since I want to move higher up).

Soundstage and imaging: I like the soundstage of the 770 but it is a bit two dimensional. It gets wide but it does not have a lot of depth. Imaging is not there to support it either. Very left or right.

I want something that can create a nice space around you that is believable and not too extreme. I want it to scale in all directions if possible and combine with accurate imaging.

Finally the bass: I really like the subbass and rumble of the 770 and I would very much like to increase it in volume and clarity or at the very least keep it as is.

Open or closed: Not a preference here as long as it can do what I want it to. Only concern if the bass loses the impact on the open.

50% music, 50% movies/single player gaming. Everyday use. Not the most critical listener. I also do play some competitive games form time to time (hence the imaging requirements).

What do you guys think? Is there one headphone that can do all this or should I split the needs into two 500Euro Headphones?

Please keep in mind I am in the EU so nothing from DROP or the American Brands

Thank you people :slight_smile:


As a person that also came from a dt770 80ohm I would direct you towards Focal Clear Pro (At the right time u can get them for 1k) or if you wanna keep it a closed back(you didn’t mention this) Focal Elegia as I’ve seen them recently at 600.

Being open or closed back will probably change or options by quite a bit, so that would be important to know.

Btw all Euros :wink:

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Hey thanks for the reply man :slight_smile: . I updated my post to mention that I don’t have a preference regarding open or closed. My only concern is if the bass impact is lost with the open.

For example how is the impact and clarity of the bass on the Focal Clear Pro?

I also have the same question for the Elegia plus I wonder how the soundstage/imaging is on the Elegia since it is closed.

I also wonder what your initial impressions where of these coming from the 770, what feature did stand out for you?

I have never heard the Elegia so I can’t really tell u. I suggested them because of that price and also from all I’ve read and heard when the 2 are compared.

Your description of the 770 are exactly what I felt when I had them, the pros and the cons.

You don’t have lose the rumble because they are closed. After the 770 I got Thieaudio Phantoms (modded). That planar bass/sub bass is sweet and addictive. However I was still missing better clarity and resolution across the board and also better 3D imaging.
For the past 2 months I’m the happy owner of clear pro. 3D imaging is spot on. The depth is amazing. They are literally “Clear”, as in great clarity. The treble is silky smooth (unlike the 770) and still retains all the detail.
My only grip is sometimes I wish the soundstage could be a bit wider. However if the song is recorded to transmit a sense of bigger soundstage you feel it, just not with all tunes.

Regarding the sub bass, I’m not sure it rumbles or even extends as deep as the 770. However all the rest kinda makes me forgot about it because the whole picture is so enjoyable and good. In songs that has bass impact you will feel it.
Next week I can have a pair of 770 and A/B them if u like.

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Having looked at reviews (which includes people comming from dt-770), they either love it or find the treble too overpowering.
Did not find complaints about bass, then again it is marketed for mixing/recording.

The Clear Pros have the same sound as the Clears. Only design and accessories are different. I researched this extensively before purchasing the clear pros, including 480 pages on head-fi.

In any case that is my experience with the pros and I’m staying here for a very long time. “What my ears can’t hear my heart won’t want” :grin:


Yes that would be nice. Hope you don’t forget!

Its great that we have similar opinions on the 770 so I will for sure look more into the Focal Clear as I didn’t consider it before. I am a bit disapointed it doesn’t seem to deliver on the sub bass as the price is high. I will stay tuned for your A/B tho if you feel like it after all(No pressure).

The Elegia I have considered but I really am not sure about how well it handles bass volume but since you mentioned them I will research a little better.

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Why is it with every headphone I look into its the same debate about the treble … :face_vomiting:

Also do you guys have any experience with the t5p? I think it might fit into my specs but I am not sure if this headphone is still relevant in 2020

Because one mans “excellent detail” is the next mans “treble murder”.
We are all different.

Yeah I guess so… that’s why I am looking for something just a little laid back. So I can be sure that it won’t be fatiguing or my “treble murder”.

Would just like to add that i had the opportunity to audition the Clears for a week, so it wasn’t a “blind buy”. I wouldn’t have pulled the trigger otherwise.

I wont forget. Going to pick up a pair of powered monitors from a friend and i know he has a pair of 770 80 ohm on the side.

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I’ve been kinda in the same boat. Love my dt770 80 ohm but want the next step up that’s slightly improved. I want to keep the bass, wouldn’t mind tamed treble, I like more soundstage, and improved detail retrieval without being overly fatiguing. I also highly prefer them to be open if possible.

I bought the monolith m570 and find I prefer the sound of my dt770 most of the time. I bought the dt 1990 after eyeing it forever, and they should be here monday. I’ll let you know what I think, but I’m worried it might be overly detailed and therefore fatiguing for a daily driver, but we’ll see.

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Yeah I have been eyeing this as well seems like a very logical step to me. I was just worried about the bass and the daily usability like you. I hope they work out great for you. Please do keep me posted I would very much like to hear your opinion on this :slight_smile:

So why do you prefer the 770? Can you compare a bit (bass,treble,imaging) ? Also how did you like the open sound compared to the closed 770? ( I have not tried an open back yet).

if you go with the clears, you will most likely want to upgrade your dac and amp depending on what you currently have.

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Yes of course! I am planning to upgrade to an asgard 3 with a topping e30 or the modius. I might go with something lighter tho depending on what I end up buying. I am thinking that I can’t go wrong with the asgard anyway tho :stuck_out_tongue:

from what I have heard, if you go with the clear, it’s technical performance will be comparable to the cheaper Elex (although unfortunately it is not available for you) without a >$400 amp such as the RNHP. Just something to consider if you want the most out of your clears. Can always use an asgard 3 and upgrade later.

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Ok yeah I thought that the asgard would be just fine for these but I guess I was wrong. This really ads up to the cost considering the clears are already quite above 1000 (1500) if not on sale.

I would imagine other headphones in the 1000 euro range would similarly benefit from something a bit more expensive than the modius and asgard 3 but would still sound good on it.

Could also upgrade the amp now and get the clears and upgrade dac later. Just another thought

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The Clear has a pretty good bass response with great extension and decent sub bass performance, It’s nice and punchy but not overbearing. It’s not really a “bass head” pair and doesn’t slam hard like some planars can. They are also fairly source dependent and scale extremely well with higher tier gear. The asgard 3 + modius stack would most likely sound pretty good but not the best they can offer, but would be what I would consider a good base requirement chain for this headphone.

I would highly recommend auditioning a pair before hand if you can or getting one with a good return policy, otherwise buying one used could be a great choice as you would be able to resell pretty easily with minimal loss to funds.