🔷 Holo Spring 2

Tried all of those. Nope.

Hmmm very strange, well hopefully you can get things worked out

If the driver installed, then it installed. Not getting sound with the new driver I’d be spending all of the time disabling old devices if there are any like you said. Make sure it’s the default audio playback devices. Show old devices by right clicking on the empty space of your Playback devices and make sure that there’s nothing funky going on.

The other thing is to go into the property of the DAC and see what formats are clicked and as enabled. Lastly check the volume level in case something weird is going on at it’s set to 0.


I would uninstall any asio drivers and make sure to unplug any other audio devices as well

Also make sure windows isn’t doing anything fucky with “enhancements”

Sometimes they do start on mute or some garbage lol, so good to check

Regarding reinstallation, I tend to have good luck with these steps. Uninstall the device and wipe any existing files that are related to it, then unplug the dac and turn it off, then restart the pc. Keeping the dac unplugged, when you get back in, reinstall the drivers and still keep the dac unplugged, then restart. Then finally when you get back in then plug the dac in. I haven’t had issues with the spring so I can’t say if this will do anything, but it’s worked for other strange driver issues like this with other xmos dacs

Also @Phil_B there is the usb driver, and usb firmware, so make sure you are up to date on both, this really seems like a firmware issue here. It should be 4.67 for the usb driver, but what firmware are you running (30.14 or 30.12)?

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When all else fails, you can go the DDC route and avoid all of these problems. :slight_smile:

Unless the ddc also has the same issues lol (although it’s less likely)

You can always hear what the DAC sounds like over coax/optical.

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I tried following your process to the letter, but unfortunately it still hasn’t worked. Firmware version is 30.12 by the way, and 4.67 for the USB drivers.

I also tried uninstalling everything, then hooking my Cyan up again using the same cables and connections, and it worked fine. Then I uninstalled everything again (by which I mean uninstalling the driver in Device Manager and checking the box to delete files too, and also using the Holo Audio uninstaller afterwards) and hooked the Spring 2 back up, installed drivers, aaaaand nothing.

It does work if I don’t install the drivers, but I’m assuming that by not using the latest proprietary Holo Audio USB driver I’m not going to get the full experience. This is lame.

Have you tried updating to the 30.14 firmware? Perhaps that might work



Have you tried the drivers from the Kitsune Hifi Website?

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You absolute legend. Updating to 30.14 worked! You really are the Arthur Fonzarelli of this forum.


Cool, glad I asked since you did mention it was fully up to date, otherwise I would have had no clue lol. Now only if windows would stop fucking up peoples usb firmware with each update lol


The only thing that threw me was that on Kitsune’s site they say the following:

*take note version 30.14 are for those with either JCAT Femto PCI-E card (renasas chipset) or the Matrix Element or Element H card (texas instruments chipset)
these are LIMITED TO DSD512 and PCM768 at this time.

MOST COMMON upgrade firmware – version 30.12 is for motherboard USB chipset which is commonly Intel base USB controller and should support DSD1024 and PCM1.536Mhz as stated above in overview.*

So I obviously thought that 30.12 was the correct version for me. But nope.

All’s well that ends well. I owe @M0N another virtual drink. :beer:


Oh what a shame, I won’t be able to properly play my single demo DSD1024 file lol (like seriously though the max I really have with a significant amount of files is DSD256, I really see no need to go higher than that, I have no idea where people even get a DSD1024 file and if it’s even native 1024 in the first place)

I’m going to guess recent windows updates changed that statement lol


I’ll glad it ended up work well for you. I had to go through driver hell with my personal DAC as well. It killed me to stare at my new toy for 2-3 days before I could get it to work.


Patience is something one learns with this hobby.

Sep 22, 2020, 10:39 PM PDT

We had not updated the cyan production times as we had a unfortunate issue with our last batch of chassis parts. We are looking at shipping these sometime early October as our replacements are shipped and due to arrive soon. We apologize for the delays but usually would have shipped by now. With covid there has been weird shipping delays and such. But we are surely able to get this out early October either late first week or worst cases early second week of October.

Thank you for you patience and understanding

KitsuneHiFi and HoloAudioUSA


@Phil_B did you get it up and running now, what do you think of it so far?

@M0N Mon did you prefer your May KTE significantly over the Spring 2 KTE that you previously had? I’ve seen Spring KTEs come up for $2.5k on the used market where the only May KTE options were above $5k.

I’ve saved enough for the spring just wondering if I should have on the Christmas until I have enough funds for the May:

I mean I think it was a worthwhile step up if you liked the spring and you have the right tier of amp to make it reasonable

Before you commit to a may I would make sure you aren’t skimping on your amp as well

Speaker Chain:
Spring 2 KTE -> Hegel H160 -> Maggie LRS
May KTE -> Hegel H160 -> LRS

HP Chain:
Spring 2 KTE -> Flux Volot(pending) / Phonitor E / Lyr / Hegel H160 via speaker taps -> HP3, LCDX & 3F, 1266 Phi TC
May KTE ->Flux Volot(pending) / Phonitor E / Lyr / Hegel H160 via speaker taps -> HP3, LCDX & 3F, 1266 Phi TC

If I save for the May it will likely be by Christmas as well as delay my Volot purchase until ~ Mar 2021. If I get the Spring 2 KTE I can get it now and the Volot by Christmas.