How do you deal with headband hot spot?

Creating this thread since I haven’t seen any proper discussion anywhere.

Just got my Hifiman HE400se and I love the sound signature. But I’m here to ask about the headband hot spot, which lies dead center on the top of my head. This thick headband is becoming the standard for Hifiman, and I’ve measured it to be about 3.6cm wide x 2.5cm tall, adding up to 12.2cm all around.

Dekoni nuggets are a popular option among the community for sure, but they’re hella expensive outside US… I ain’t paying £28.66 for a 4 pack on Amazon UK…

As an alternative, I saw that there are some headphone covers, but again, there’s no size that fits the thick Hifiman headband.

Any suggestions?

you could use some double sided tape or maybe strong velcro and put something like this

that might work and it is cheaper.
But if don’t want to glue anything and keep it OG as possible buying a headbang and just jerry rigging it to the headband

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I did mount a hd 650 like headband with 3 zip ties onto grados with decent success :wink:
Recommend the 650 like headband because it has a recess in the middle which makes them more comfortable for me than the hd 600 headband

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I did find this on Amazon:

But can you elaborate more how you did it with zip tie? Since my pair of 400se is quite new, I’m not ready to double-side tape it. Thanks for the info!

Did simply use a small zip tie in the middle first and position it central of the original headband, important to let the locking mechanism on the upside of the hb so It won’t scratch the head and than same at the ends
As an alternative you could also use Velcro zip ties should make it even more comfortable :wink:

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This X 3 (i didnt close it all the way)

the only downside is the grip in the edges will be kind of loose

Velcro ties i think dont have the pressure to hold it firmly enough without having to readjust them repeatedly

What if I use these type of velcro ties to strap the middle, left, and right end of the HD650 replacement padding? Are there space left at the ends of the padding to tie to?

it should be ok but the amount of pressure that velcro ties provide might not be enough to keep it from moving around when its on your head, which is why i suggest zip ties first they are much stronger, but it not something fixed so feel free to experiment with it.

My only major concern is how much it would elevate the headphone off your head, but again its a trail and error thing. thats how most mods simple mods start off

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I got this to fit on my old style Audeze headband. But it sounds like you need localized padding.

the problem with that kind of headband is that the 400SE is very thick most of them wount close not unless you use something to close it

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I kinda just, live with it :upside_down_face:

Take a break from time to time (recommendable for your hearing and in order to not ‘oversaturate’ anyways), move the headband a bit.

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It’s a shame you don’t want to go for the dekoni nuggets, completely worth the $25usd I paid imo. I use 2 on my 4XX and no issues at all anymore. Plus you would have 2 extras laying around for another pair of phones in the future that give you issues.

£28.66 on Amazon UK, that’s nearly $40 USD, mate.

I’m leaning towards letting the headband break in a bit and see how it goes. Main goal is to keep the headphones as intact as possible. Secondary option might be to get the HD650 replacement padding with velcro if after breaking in the issue still remains.

Thanks for the suggestions, folks.

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the way I look at it is 12 bucks (for the 2) was worth it for me being able to use them and never get the hot spot again and not want to return. Yeah sucks they are more expensive over there, but 20usd is not so bad to make a 350usd headphone usable imo. The 4xx are half as expensive so the pricing kind of works out for you :joy:

Update on the HE400se headband hot spot issue, velcro ties and the Sennheiser HD650 replacement padding worked the magic. The padding is just about the right length as well, no need to cut or trim anything.

You just need to move the adjustment two clicks down on each side to compensate the thickness of the padding. Looks a bit ridiculous when wearing it, but indoor use anyways, comfort comes first! Looks like Mother Miranda from Resident Evil Village when wearing it lol:

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Glad to hear it worked out

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Good that it also works with Velcro, just another thought maybe reverse the Velcro so it won’t get caught in you hair or all the dirt in your home :wink:

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The reason is that the sticky side would catch the nylon of the Sennheiser pads, just after once or twice the nylon feels it’ll be damaged quick. But home use is fine, won’t be dirty if taken good care of :ok_hand: