I can't help but to feel stuck

So, I think I’ve found a good spot with headphones for now, having my 4XX that I still adore, 7506 (as soon as I get them back up and running) with either Brainwaves oval protein leather or Dekoni Elite Velour pads (the protein is much more comfortable, but the velours add some low end), M40x with 1540 pads, and these Dekoni Blues have me trying to figure out what direction to go with them for pads. (The MU6 is great and all, but I just don’t find myself liking them quite as much)
Now for iems, I’m stuck as far as trying to figure out what it is I wanna go with.
Out of the ones I do have, I enjoy my GR-i68(stock double flange) and Starfields(Symbio W) the best. The Senfer XBA-6-in-1 has been acting up whenever I try using them, so I’ve lost all interest in fighting them. My BL03 are… Okay, but I don’t see the low end like some other people seem to, and tend to be relegated more to “I’m gonna be listening to a talking head video while doing something, and have to have one side out”. Then there’s the 1More Piston Fit that tend to get relegated more to “I need something with a mic, and don’t wanna be bothered with bluetooth”(they aren’t terrible, they are just… sloppy, I guess).
Either way, I can’t help but feel the need to keep looking for something to satisfy me on the IEM side of things, and figured I’d reach out and ask for help/advice. I’d rather not go over $150, but can go up to $200

Of the songs I listen to most often, this is a list of their artist’s genera and how many times that genera popped up:

Classic Rock-3

Quick note:
I’m not trebble sensitive till you get a particularly sharp pair of IEMs or headphones just right at around 8-9k just right(right about where I notice the sharp highs in Nishio 2 by Lamaitre are hitting, unless I am mistaken)

how about something from Etymotic?

or grab the non-IEM Grado GW100 for a good mobile headphone?

Having a detachable cable is a pretty big things for me, personally. As for something like the GW100, I’m simply not looking for something to fill that roll right now.

Uhh… Thieaudio Legacy 3? Or FiiO FH3?

ever look into final e4000 ? well tuned pretty detailed IEMS I would put them against a lot of IEMS I’ve tried at this price range I really quite enjoyed the few days I had with them (borrowed) . neutral to somewhat V shaped IEMS available on amazon if you just want to give them a shot.

Etymotic’s have detachable cables. they’re kinda funky…but they detach.

Have you seen this thread?

I just started watching what reviews I can (beyond having to wait on my folks hand and foot cause they can’t be bothered to get out of their recliner(cause that’s what having children is for, right?), take care of my 2 year old nephew who is insistent on not listening to anything today, and ads), and noticed that they use MMCX… Though I don’t know how I feel about that fit… Also, never been able to find any triple flange tips I could possibly stand.

I have, I just haven’t had the drive to keep up with it.

The way Linsoul is handling their customer service and shipping is what would probably keep me from these, unless I really felt they outmatched the other options.

I will have to do some looking into with them. Sadly, not many video reviews (on YouTube at least), and the ones I am finding (and this may just be the headache I have going on right now), I’m having an incredibly hard time focusing on right now.

apparently Etymotic’s foam tips are supposed to be quite wonderful…but only for their IEM’s. LoL

Not sure if it applies to you, but the Legacy 3 is available on amazon so you wouldn’t need to deal with Linsoul for a return.

How long are they gonna last though? Particularly for $15/3-5 pairs (depending on the size you need) directly from Etymotic. Then there is the choice of the ER3XR and the ER2XR.
@kcrack Thus is true

well, look up the comparative reviews of their IEM’s.

SE are more neutral / balanced while the XR are bassier.

and tips are a consumable, so everyone’s mileage will vary. maybe look at getting some ‘customs’ done :wink:

Yeah, didn’t even need to ask my wallet on that one. Sadly, the answer is no.

That’s part of what has me thinking if I do go with them of going with the XR. I like it when what I’m listening to has a bit of punch to the low end, so long as it doesn’t start overshadowing the rest of the sound (part of why I don’t like the ZMF oval lambskin on the Dekoni Blue, yeah, it gives the sub bass a boost, but everything else is pushed way back).

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I tried out a bunch of the cheaper IEMs late last year. Most of them had big flaws or shortcomings, so I ended up returning or giving away most of them to family and friends who wouldn’t care about the details.

There’s only a few things I would recommend under $200 that I’ve tried.

For the real cheap options, the Blon BL-03 is great for classic rock and simple hip hop, but falls apart with most else. The Tin T2 is the other one, because it’s aggressively decent. Not great in any area, but not bad anywhere.

The Tin P1 absolutely murders anything in the sub-200 price range, but ONLY if you have a powerful source and can EQ the bass up some. If you’d just be hooking these up to your phone directly, skip them. It still baffles me how something so tiny and light can sound so good!

Aside from that, the only thing I would recommend is the Galaxy Buds +. Even though they’re Bluetooth, they still sound better than other IEMs in the price bracket. They’re tuned brilliantly by AKG, who own Harman (as in Harman target, which is aimed for here). The default tuning is similar to the Starfields but done better, and with the added convenience and features of TWS Bluetooth. No wires, easy to change tracks and volume, can answer calls, etc. The big one for me is that you can let ambient sound in while listening in stereo to music. The implementation of that feature is perfect. I’ll often just leave them in and forget that I’m actually listening to earbuds instead of my actual ears!

well BJ (tee hee hee) the Etymotic’s have been around for a long time…almost 30 years, though they’ve gone through many generations to what they are now. look at reviews and read up on their foam tips and such. I’m certain you will find answers to your questions and concerns.

I’ve owned the T2, and they where good… But again, I don’t feel they are what I’m looking for.

When going for music, I either cary my XD-05, or use my FiiO M5… or use one of my desktop amps. However, from my understanding, they rule in midrange, where as high and low end goes to the Shouer Tapes.

That would be a no go. If I am going to go to true wireless, I’m gonna get one of the following:
FiiO utws1
ikko ARC ITB05

Yeah, it’s my gamertag and Bluejay has been a nickname for me since my Senior year of High School.

So have alot of other companies, including Apple. Doesn’t mean they are right for me. That isn’t to say I won’t give them a look, but I won’t say I’ll pull the trigger on them.

NOTICE: I added a list of the generas I listen to most frequently (in my library) in the original post, if that helps anything

I know they don’t make them anymore :cry: but maybe a secondhand pair of Comets might work for you?