I need help with <$200 headphones

Looking to upgrade from my tin t2s
expected price range 70-180

bass is bad, mids are way too much, something with the highs isn’t the best
Isolation, not good on buses/planes
only contact point is ear tips
material selection and cable is fantastic
practically zero sound leak
can be eq’ed to make a very good sound
my pc eq for them

for my phone I cant get higher than a 10 band equalizer (lg g8x thinq)
as always (even on my pc) I N E E D M O R E B A N D S
if you know one put it down there

I made a spreadsheet with a few options I’m considering(cant post PDF) feel free to comment what I should add and I’ll update it
I included things outside the price range

|Name|Price (USD)|Driver (per side)|
|NICEHCK DB3 |21| 1 BA + 2 DD|
|HiFiHear BLON 03 |39| 1 BA + 1 DD|
|KZ ZS10 pro |45| 4 BA + 1 DD|
|CCA C12 |48| 5 BA + 1 DD|
|Tin T2 |50| 2 DD|
|KZ ZSX |59| 5 BA + 1 DD|
|TFZ Queen LTD |73| DD?|
|Shozy Form 1.1 |75| 1 BA + 1 DD|
|Yamaha Eph100 |90| 1 DD|
|Tin T4 |100| 1 DD|
|TFZ NO.3 |109| 1 DD|
|Etymotic er2xr/se |125| 1 DD|
|Ikko oh1 |140| 1 BA + 1 DD|
|Simgot En700 |145| 1 DD|
|Final E4000 |150| 1 DD|
|Moondrop KXXS |170| 1 DD|
|Tin P1 |170| 1 PLANAR|
|Ikko oh10 |180| 1 BA + 1 DD|
|Fiio FH5 |260| 3 BA + 1 DD|
|JVC HA-FDX1 |280| 1 DD|
|Audiosense t800 |300| 8 BA|

edit: added chi-fi low budget options (courtesy of chi-fi champs thread)

Really found the TIN T2s midrange to be too much? That’s interesting, seemed to me like the midrange is lacking if something. And I’m not the best expert here so hopefully someone with expirience comes in. I know zeos actually has a video titled these are tin t2s upgrades. Maybe look into that! The t4 also has a bunch of hype but I would wait for more reviews once people here get their sets too

I’m curious too about the answer to this question

Looking at your EQ settings, it looks like you might like the OH10’s or the FH5’s? The more fun sounding IEMS. I heard the ZS10 pro might also be up your alley, but have never tried them firsthand so can’t say for sure.

Probably want to omit the Tin P1’s right off the bat since the bass isn’t going to be more present than the T2’s.


Thanks for replies, I’m sorry I have so many questions, this kind of thing is necessary (especially because zeos hasn’t done an iem shootout in like 2 years)
Fh5 costs too much

For me its between OH10, OH1, blon 3, tfz no.3

er2xr? TFZ NO.3? En700? Blon 3?
china is giving me too many options

when does the yard sale for the OH10 expire?
quick recommendations for eartips? currently using newbee

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Recommend Tin T4, the latest IEM from Tin HiFi, have got more than 5K fans on indiegogo

Haven’t heard the tfz no.3, other than that all good picks, the blons are good for the price but you have to make some adjustments to them ie get new cable / change eartips.

I personally really enjoy my OH10’s but they are real heavy so comfort might be an issue.

Are you referring to Zeos’ yard sale? Not sure if he still has them - quite sure he sold them a couple months back watching his latest yardsale video.

If newbee works for you then I’d say stick with them. You can read up on the tips on some of the other threads.

Don’t know if it is still good but I posted a discount code for Ikko you could give it a try.

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Thinking about making custom molds, would that be a good option for oh10s? Or does it mess with sound?

Are you talking about custom housings, or custom-fitted tips? The former would absolutely impact the sound, most likely to their detriment. The latter would probably be fine.

I was talking about molded ear tips, like shooters use, but you place your iems in there.

Also considering doing this for other headphones

Custom tips should be just fine, and will likely provide better comfort (and possibly greater isolation) than normal tips. There are a number of different companies that make them. I’m sure that if no one already makes a pair fitted for the OH-1/OH-10, someone could easily do it for you as the internal facing of the housing is pretty flat. Do keep in mind, though, that the OH-10 does have a vent on the inside facing, about 1/3-1/2" from the nozzle that probably shouldn’t be blocked. Some custom molds kind of “hug” housings, so I’m not sure if that’ll be an issue or not.
If you’re really enterprising, I believe that some people here have made their own custom moldings, and they could chime in on their own experiences.

Thanks dude, the code worked and I got the oh10s comming in the mail

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Congrats! Hope you enjoy them! :+1::beers:

it took 5 tries, but I got it in a spot where I like it.
for anyone who wants CIEMS DO NOT CHOOSE SOMETHING LARGE. It’s a PITA to fit them correctly if they’re bigger, also make sure to plug holes.
Also here is my EQ for the stock ones, I liked the sound, but I’m obviously anti-mids biased.

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