Lets talk about your tips! ;)

Yo, so after my acquisition of the OH 10 I began tip rolling, just as addicting as ___ rolling in this hobby. Lol anyway here are some thoughts::

Foam- Dekoni or otherwise- pressure can be a bit much for my taste, good isolation, but gets disgusting after much use. Sound characteristics give a bass slant since treble can feel absorbed by the tip and the bass is pronounced due to the better seal. Pro Tech Tool Tip: don’t be afraid to cut the ends just a bit to make them work better for short stem IEMs. Foams worked better after I cut them down for the OH10

Symbio W- newest get- these are a hybrid of silicone and foam. They have a very soft silicone a somewhat large inner stem and some foam between the 2. These have the fit of a foam but are easier to clean and maintain, the highs are better than on standard foams for well tuned IEMs. The isolation is unreal as well, very good in that regard.

In Symbio vs Foam: Symbio is the clear winner for me. At least until I get some Ikko foams they mentioned sending to me lol.

Spinfit CP360- soft very tacky surface, works great for a small stem IEM. Funnels the sound more than normal so a slight congestion occurs, but the original sound is largely preserved with slightly sharper treble. There is good variety in sizes and for difficult ears like mine they work great. I think these tips would be ideal if you worked out, since they are tacky they should maintain seal and deal with sweat/movement. Also they were designed for true wirless so 1+1=2 in this case.

Spiral Dot- spoiler alert, my preferred tips at this point. Soft silicone with many size options. Because of the granular sizing it works best for me, 1 ear is medium, the other medium small. Little to no pressure on a seal yet retains bass with no audible loss. Soundstage and highs are enhanced and feel natural for something like an OH10. Not the best isolation.

I will try to update this depending on new IEM purchases and matching for sound profiles.

OH works well with all of them, but Symbios for isolation and CP360 or Spirals for normal listening with a preference for Spirals.

Isine 10- full foam is prob. the best, I’m up for suggestions on these, I just do not like the sound atm, and I dont know how to fix it, spinfits are ok with them, but the staging or someing is off with them.

Now you. :wink:


Was the isolation with the symbio tips and the dekoni tips relatively similar? I’ve always been interested in symbio w tips, but never knew where to buy them lol

This is the website: http://symbioeartips.com/

Its direct from them, from what I can tell its a smaller operation, but based in Hungary. I ordered with tracking included and was kinda sketched out due to issues with tracking, but they arrived np after a few weeks.

Sound: IMO I think they isolate better than dekoni without having to be inserted quite as deep. So I’ve been pretty impressed with them. From what I can tell you can have peels which is just silicone for 7 or 8$ W for 15$ and the others with adapters for narrow stems for a dollar extra. It’s a fair price and really no downsides as far as I can tell if you already like foam.

Well crap since their websites down, but thanks for your info!