Lets talk about your tips! ;)

Yo, so after my acquisition of the OH 10 I began tip rolling, just as addicting as ___ rolling in this hobby. Lol anyway here are some thoughts::

Foam- Dekoni or otherwise- pressure can be a bit much for my taste, good isolation, but gets disgusting after much use. Sound characteristics give a bass slant since treble can feel absorbed by the tip and the bass is pronounced due to the better seal. Pro Tech Tool Tip: don’t be afraid to cut the ends just a bit to make them work better for short stem IEMs. Foams worked better after I cut them down for the OH10

Symbio W- newest get- these are a hybrid of silicone and foam. They have a very soft silicone a somewhat large inner stem and some foam between the 2. These have the fit of a foam but are easier to clean and maintain, the highs are better than on standard foams for well tuned IEMs. The isolation is unreal as well, very good in that regard.

In Symbio vs Foam: Symbio is the clear winner for me. At least until I get some Ikko foams they mentioned sending to me lol.

Spinfit CP360- soft very tacky surface, works great for a small stem IEM. Funnels the sound more than normal so a slight congestion occurs, but the original sound is largely preserved with slightly sharper treble. There is good variety in sizes and for difficult ears like mine they work great. I think these tips would be ideal if you worked out, since they are tacky they should maintain seal and deal with sweat/movement. Also they were designed for true wirless so 1+1=2 in this case.

Spiral Dot- spoiler alert, my preferred tips at this point. Soft silicone with many size options. Because of the granular sizing it works best for me, 1 ear is medium, the other medium small. Little to no pressure on a seal yet retains bass with no audible loss. Soundstage and highs are enhanced and feel natural for something like an OH10. Not the best isolation.

I will try to update this depending on new IEM purchases and matching for sound profiles.

OH works well with all of them, but Symbios for isolation and CP360 or Spirals for normal listening with a preference for Spirals.

Isine 10- full foam is prob. the best, I’m up for suggestions on these, I just do not like the sound atm, and I dont know how to fix it, spinfits are ok with them, but the staging or someing is off with them.

Now you. :wink:


Was the isolation with the symbio tips and the dekoni tips relatively similar? I’ve always been interested in symbio w tips, but never knew where to buy them lol

This is the website: http://symbioeartips.com/

Its direct from them, from what I can tell its a smaller operation, but based in Hungary. I ordered with tracking included and was kinda sketched out due to issues with tracking, but they arrived np after a few weeks.

Sound: IMO I think they isolate better than dekoni without having to be inserted quite as deep. So I’ve been pretty impressed with them. From what I can tell you can have peels which is just silicone for 7 or 8$ W for 15$ and the others with adapters for narrow stems for a dollar extra. It’s a fair price and really no downsides as far as I can tell if you already like foam.

Well crap since their websites down, but thanks for your info!

I use Newbee foams on all my iems. Great sounding, they are like a cross between a silicone and a foam sound wise. Excellent isolation with great bass, wide bore for a smooth yet detailed mids and treble presentation, with a silicone center and a soft, smooth foam that isn’t itchy like I find Complys or Dekoni to be. They aren’t as inexpensive as Dekoni, but are about half the price of Comply and much more comfortable than both. With the Newbees I can listen for several hours, while with the other foams, my ears become itchy and sweaty. Same goes for all the silicones I’ve tried. Best silicones I’ve tried so far have been Spinfit CP145, but they still don’t have the bass response I’m looking for and don’t solve the sweaty ear canals problem. I use these only on my TFZ NO.3 to tighten up the kinda boomy bass and help open up the sound a bit (the No.3 is a bit dark sounding compared to my other iems, imho) and the Spinfits do help open things up a bit in the mids and treble, but still cause the insides of my ears to sweat a lot which I find very uncomfortable. My best solution so far has been to use Newbee foams for the tips, and swap out the stock cable for a balanced, 2.5mm SPC cable. It’s transformed the TFZ NO.3 from “ho-hum” to “Wow! Much better, and finally a competitor to my other sets”.


Good callout, I may have to try some soon. If you havent tried it yet the Ikko I-planet tips are great for the short stem iems. Here is a pick with my OH10. Made the bass slightly boomy in my experience, but still good overall. It may not do that with another earphone as ive not tested them on anything else yet.

Nice looking iems, man! Sadly, I can’t use anything with a short nozzle. I’ve got small ears, with deep canals, so I need a longer stem/nozzle to get the best fit and sound for me. Looking at the shape of the tips you are showing in your pics, I’m not sure if the Newbees would work for you, unless they have a shorter more rounded version like what I see you currently have from your pics. It’s worth checking out on Aliexpress or Amazon anyway, to see if they have something similar to what you are using. For me though, with the iems I currently own (Moondrop KPE, Nicehck NX7, TFZ NO.3, and KZ ZS10 PRO), the Newbee foams fit and sound great! They also have silicones, in case you are curious to try them. The most recent pack I bought was a 12 pack of mixed foams and silicones for about $12 CDN on Aliexpress with free shipping. 6 foams in S,M,L and 6 silicones in S,M,L. They all come in a nice little plastic case with little stems to hold the tips in place (silicones in the lid and foams in the bottom).

Shure foam tips… uhh… Don’t?

I just got mine. They were near and it was Shure, so, why not. I open the pack and they already have a plastic filter inside. What? Why? I already have a filter in my IEMs, this will surely alter the sound:

But anyway, I realized I just bought the wrong size, they’re too small for my IEMs. And the plastic thingy is glued on. I mean, really, really glued on. Just for fun:

Alot of the shure iems have a very small nozzle and don’t have any filter, so shure tips are pretty specialized. I kinda like the system of the filter on the tip instead of the iem (for cleaning purposes), but more manufactures need to adopt it for it to be viable. Pretty sure shure (lol) uses comply tips

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Yeah that was a “fail”. Will be reselling these, and buying Comply EDIT Dekoni 4.9mm variety pack foam tips instead, now.

Funny how it looks similar in the search results, lol.

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The comply tips are a memory foam you have to roll and shape and then put in your ear, and the dekoni’s are fast rebounding foam, so you can just kinda push them in your ear. The dekoni tips also have a rubber barrel going throughout the tip, where the complys are mostly only memory foam.

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I may be the only person on the planet that finds comply tips extremely uncomfortable. Spiral Dots, Dekoni Bulletz and Sony Triple Comfort are the only ones I can use. Sony Triple Comfort are my favorites, but I have recently had a hard time finding authentic ones for purchase.

Comply stuff can be uncomfortable at times, so its not out of the ordinary

Comply are the worst I’ve tried as far as foams honestly the quality just isnt there. I’ve tried many and most of the big name brands and honestly my favorites and the ones I personally use are westone red tips. They are built to last a long time and are of good quality. And affordable.

I am a fan of New Bee and various chineese memory foam tips. I can’t seem to get a good seal with silicone. I use different sizes for right and left. I’ve tried comply, spiral dot dekoni, ect. All I can say is I waisted enough money trying different tips that I could have bought a set of Tin P1’s. What I found out after trying all of those tips: the New Bee’s and other cheap Chinese foam tips work the best for me. I’m curious about the Symbio but not for $16 for 3 pairs. That is highway robbery. I can get 50 pairs of China foam for that price! The thing is, China foam and new bee are indistinguishable. I now have a cigar box full of tips that get handed out to friends like Halloween candy when they need new tips.

I like Comply no discomfort here 4hrs listening and seal good… might roll the :game_die: on a set of Symbio W’s because they look the dogs…wonder if they sound as good?

I bought these no name foam tips for 3.65€ on ebay. I really didn’t want to spend more on the tips than on the ZSN itself. Really satisfied for the price, the are better build than i expected. Rather slow memory foam, but always gets back into the original shape. It has a flexible, thin “hard” insert which fits the ZSN perfectly.
And they improve the ZSNs sound, calming the treble peak a bit.
The medium size is a nice fit for my ear, good seal, but feels more airy than the stock silicone tips and i don’t get the same feel of pressure while maintaining the bass.

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Nice picture :+1: Also that’s a pretty good price too

Actually had a gift code as well, so they cost me exactly 0€ + free shipping :ok_hand: