Introduce Your Pets!

How do we not have a pet thread yet? Let’s rectify that presently…

I’ll start by allowing my pets to introduce themselves:

Hi! I’m Lena. I’m a 7yo border collie - Russell terrier mix. I like to chase rodents, herd my masters around the house, and start groaning for permission to jump on the bed right as my masters have just fallen asleep. Sometimes when my master comes home his hands are full of work stuff! I greet him by jumping up and giving him a big hug! But sometimes my aim isn’t very good and I end up punching him right square in the balls. He tells me it’s a good thing I’m cute.

Hi, I’m Norbert. I’m a leopard gecko. I spend most of my time under a rock or in a paper towel tube. I mostly eat mealworms but get some crickets every once in a while for a treat. About once a month I shed my skin and eat it. I’m not sure why…just a thing I do.

I’m Nagini! I’m a crested gecko. Yes, like my pal Norbert I’m a male gecko named after female reptilian-like characters from Harry Potter. I have sticky feet and love to lick my eyeballs. Sometimes, I step in my food and leave crusty footprints all over the inside of my cage. If I get out and am not watched closely, I’ll start running up the nearest wall as fast as I can!

WaveTheory back here…please introduce your pets!


Nice idea for a thread. I have two cats;
Odie and Milo

Odie was a rescue cat that we think had been brought to a different town than where he lived by climbing into the engine bay of a car / truck. Getting lost and eventually needing rescue, he was neutered, given shots and homed again with me.

A while later Milo arrived at my house after following Odie home. He was starving and needed shelter so I started feeding him and slowly getting him to come into my place. Eventually he became comfortable enough around me to start living here permanently and then I was able to bring him to the vets.

Odie is much younger and as such spends a lot of time outdoors hunting, Milo is a teenager and spends most of his day asleep until it’s dark enough that he can wander outside without many other creatures to frighten him.


This is El Jefe, he goes by many names but that’s what I call him, he showed up a few years ago. Seems he had no desire to leave when his humans decided to move.

I cleaned him up, chipped him and got him vaccinated. I tried to make him an inside cat but he would have none of that soooo, Out the fucking door he went. He seems to own the neighborhood, several neighbors think that he is “their” cat, he is not. He stops by daily to be fed and then off he goes killing, raping and pillaging! He kills all sorts of things on my property and elsewhere. I know because he brings their mangled little corpses back as warnings to me in case I ever decide to stop feeding him. There are 2 pretty neighbors whom he allows to groom him. Me, nooo he only comes to me when he is bloody and needs stitches.

Little bugger has cost me over $1500 in medical bills past 5 years. I tried to have him put down 2x but the vet knows me and just called me after a few days and told me to fork up cash and take the Devil feline away and back to where he dwells and rules…

I don’t much care for cats but he’s the only other creature besides my GF who seems willing to deal with me.

PS, this is the only known picture of the deviant pile of hellspawn…


Meet Ziva, the silky terrier…

Its not really my dog, its my mums, but i do all the walking, as she has bad knees and a bad back.

She have had dogs before, but when she got this one she really didn’t want to buy it as she knew she would have trouble walking it properly every day. I said i could help her out taking the dog for a few longer walks each week. As she lives alone (as my dad died a long time ago) i thought the company of a dog would do her good.

So, when the Ziva was old enough to start taking daily walks, i started doing all the walks to train her on the leash, so that she didn’t pull too much when my mom would walk her. Then when that was almost over, my mum fell and broke her shoulder. I had to live with here for over 4 months while se was mending her shoulder, and i did all the walks. The fall also did no good to her allready bad back and knees, so it got to the point where i do a daily walk with the dog, and my mum serves me dinner in return… fair enough deal, although a bit time consuming than i first thought when i offered to help :stuck_out_tongue:

Ziva loves her walks, and when i started walking here i (mostly for fun) started tracking my walks with a fitness app. For the last 4 years, we have avaraged just over 4,3kilometer a day. At least there is a added health bonus with all those walks, even though im still way over weight :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to take a lot of pics when i walk her, so i can send my mum as she wants to know what se misses out on, so i have way to many dog walking pictures on my phone :slight_smile:


We got back into apartment living eight and a half years ago, so no more dogs.
We started off with a pair of ginger sisters seven and a half years ago. We lost one to cancer about two years ago and here is her sister:

Pretty fat and crippled up, but she is my baby. :grin:

A few months after the sister passed we got a big boy named Spot. He is my wife’s cat since my orange baby will never leave my side. :laughing:


Border collie and terrier mix sounds like a smart, loyal yet stubborn minded bundle of energy and joy :slight_smile:
And yes, she is cute :slight_smile:

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A quick one of Smokey. He wants to be the boss of things so bad.


My boy


This lady here:


This is Jack! My rescued Siberian Husky and best friend.



image Zoey


omg they are so cute <3
@FBizzle where did you get those fancy outfits?

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Peanut and Wally. The following is an uneasy truce.


My two beloved Royal (Ball) Pythons that I had for 20 years which I had to get re-homed when I went to live on the barge 🥲…Mr and Mrs snake…


Ghostbusters was from seasonal area from Target during Halloween, but there are similar offered on amazon.

Missing my big boy today.

Loki passed away almost 2 months ago and very unexpectedly. He was almost 13 and was a French Mastiff/ American Staffordshire mix. I got him when he was 10 weeks old and It has been incredibly difficult losing him. Quinn is 7 and a Chiweenie. My wife has had her since she was 6 months old. She was definitely the queen and Loki her subject.


Sorry for your loss dude :frowning: it’s always painful losing a loved one be they human or not.

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My Bella 11 years old my Soul and best friend.


Also my condolences on your loss. Your chiweenie’s face looks earlier similar to my borderjack’s face (OG post, this thread). Her ears are floppier than my dog’s but the rest of the face is almost a dead ringer.

EDIT: I mean, compare those faces!


They look so similar! Same intimately demanding stare for need of love :joy:.

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