Introduce Your Pets!

He was a rescue who was abused and in terrible shape. He has come a looooong way and has become the best dog. He loves playing frisbee. I’ve had multiple Pits who needed homes, and while I wouldn’t recommend them to everyone (they need to be worked with and a lot of love), they are wonderful dogs with the right owner. They love people, and its sad what a lot of people do to them.


Humans my boy was in love with. Other dogs it was a case by case basis and if I did walks with the other person and dog it helped immensely. Non dominant dogs he pretty much always got along with. Crappy owners make crappy dogs. It’s not their fault. I wouldn’t hesitate to have another pit hands down.

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Not sure why, but my mums dog Ziva generally accepts other dogs (i.e. don’t bark or make a fuzz, but not that keen on greeting either), but there are a few i regularly meet on my walk that she just does not tolerate. She is a small silky, but there is this huge terrier (not quite sure what breed exactly) that probably is 10x her weight, and she starts barking and showing aggression as far as 50-75m away when we meet… and there is no way of getting her attention when she starts. There is another of the same breed we meet, and with that one she even wants to greet :confused:

Another dog she gets mad at is a little dax. That one i understand though, as it was without a leash one day we passed by where he lives, and he came charging out the driveway and up on the pavement where i walked and started biting at Ziva. Not proper biting (no skin damage on my mums dog), but ziva got a bit surprised and scared i think. Ever since she gets livid when she gets the sent of that dog, and its a nightmare to pass on the street if we meet :slight_smile:


Our Chiweenie is Big dog energy in a 15lb body. On walks she starts to screech when she see other dogs because she wants to play with them so bad. It sounds like she is being tortured.

Hi. This is Bob

Bob is another member of the local talent around here. And a well-fed member, he is. As Bob has developed trust in the situation, he has developed a rather unique eating style, which always makes me laugh. That is most likely why he has his back to me. Never cleans his mess and NEVER leaves a tip.

Yes, Bob can be a bit of an ass, but we love him anyway! Little shit…


Meet Snowball! The cutest pet I’ve ever owned.


we’re getting a highland cow! his name is rusty, he’s 6 months old and weighs 9lbs. no wait, we’re getting an alien that eats cats, his name is Alf, he’s 6 months old and weighs 9lbs!

actually, he’s a long haired miniature dachshund, is 6 months old and weigh’s 9lbs. they call him Rusty, bet I’m leaning heavily on Alf as a change.


Hide your cats!

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We brought home two new members of the family last weekend. 2yr old brothers, Milo and Mickey.


LoL! the grandkids have a big black lab, though she’s pretty passe and doesn’t give a rats arse about them. this guy could give them a run for their money…time will tell. :wink:

Echo - 12-year-old female

Yoshi - 14-year-old male

We adopted both from the local humane society - Echo in 2015, Yoshi in 2016.


Thank goodness this thread exists! And I’m loving all the pics of the pets. :blush:

Here is Penny, my 9-year-old (almost 10) Puggle (pug and beagle mix). Have had her since she was 6 weeks old. She’s a love, is obsessed with food, smart, and has a stubborn streak. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Can confirm!


Penni and Casey, unlike dad they fear loud noises


My girl Luna, God I love her so much :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


a bit of a madhouse at my place, I somehow ended up with 4 cats and a dog, dont ask me how…

Roma, she might be old (13) but she still acts like a cub

My oldest cat is called Banshee, he’s a grumpy and kind of a dick but i love him :slight_smile:

The second is Charlie AKA Bo-Bo (he has a habbit of faliing and hurting himself)

Number 3 and 4 were a two-for-one special, Maple and Pancake


I’ll have to take a couple pics of the bunnies upstairs. daughter n fam got themselves two Flemish giants.

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My lazy attention hounds… A bit big for North American House Hippos, but yes, “ferocious” red nosed pit bulls. Careful, they’ll lick you and whack you with their wagging tails!

Roxy (Brown one, I believe 9 going on 10), and Oreo (black and white, 8 going on 9). If only I could get Oreo to stop deciding the best places for naps was right in the middle of high traffic walk ways…

Edit: Yes, Oreo has a black nose. We think she’s mixed with boxer, but we’re not sure.


Roommate’s dad had a litter of puppies. Brought one over while I was hanging with my nephew


Wow. I don’t know how anything gets cuter than that! Thanks for sharing.

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