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This is the official thread for the ISN Audio H40 3BA+1 Dynamic Driver

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: NO

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Thread for the ISN Audio H40.


Considering picking up the H40, in addition to the Starfield I already have. Are the H40 considered “basshead” IEMs? I’m looking for something with substantially more bass than my Starfield and not sure if the H40 will fill it.

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I don’t believe this is a bass head IEM. The Blon BL-03 and Thieaudio Legacy 9 would be up your alley. Might want to check them out. From what I’ve heard, there is a new IEM coming out that is supposed to be the ultimate bass head IEM, but they are going to be tough to get…

Thor Mjölnir - THOR Mjölnir

This might be out of your price range but this is considered one of the best V shaped sets…


Low end on the H40 vs. my KXXS is more impactful with a quicker decay. I’d say the bass lies in between the Mangird Tea’s (when they hit) and the Blon BL03’s (not as loose).



Seriously considering these after reading reviews. I’d definitely remove the mesh as well.

I was looking at either the Mangird Teas or the Legacy 3s but these have seriously peaked my interest.

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I will reserve my impressions until the H40 is broken in and I had lots of time with it. Till then, here are a few pics…

I thought this thing was black??? I hate the logo. :frowning:


Damn they look sharp!

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They come with one of the nicest selection of tips I’ve seen. They aren’t as soft as something like the Spinfit silicone, but are close. I love the carry case.

This is the first IEM that fits me like a glove. I can usually spin the IEM around in my ear and shift the tip around. These lock into place in my ear. Not experiencing any driver flex with a perfect seal & silicone tips.

Battle Royale over here! lol


Fun little fact about the H40’s… This is technically a V2 version. ISN was so disappointed with the tuning of the 1st run that they accepted returns, full refunds I believe. When they finally re-tuned the current version and released them into the wild, anyone who made a purchase also received the poorly tuned V1. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on the V1 just out of curiosity.


Let us know how the H40 compares to the FH7!


They’re quite light and comfortable. And the fact that the stem is long and metallic at the end helps a lot with the eartips fit and deep insertion if needed.


Really? Who ever fixed it did a good job.

I purchased this set expecting I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the Mangird Tea, but I heard they were very similar in tonality so I said what could it hurt? I love the Mangird so why not check out the H40?

I personally don’t feel the Mangird and H40 are that similar. The tonality is quite different. The biggest difference is in the low end. The Mangird is lacking low end energy where the H40 is not. The Mangird is not lacking in sub bass. So in comparison… The Mangird’s low end is clean and has a sub bass punch when the bass in a song hits low. It also allows the FR some space to allow the treble to sparkle which gives the Mangird a more detailed presentation than the H40. The H40 at times has a lot of bass. While listening to the H40, I’ve said to myself many times… “I might need to EQ some of that bass out”. But I don’t. I love it. It’s too much but it’s awesome.

The H40 is a very fun set. It’s not as detailed as the Mangird. The FH7 is more detailed than both of them. The H40 does a fantastic job at balancing the things that are important for a very enjoyable listen. Nothing is harsh yet it hits hard. It’s not super detailed but things are not too soft either. The H40 sound is full, thick, warm, spacious and ultimately FUN!

The H40 cable is fine. It looks really nice, but it feels a little sticky to the touch. It doesn’t have the formed plastic around the ears which I prefer. Some might see this as a plus. In comparison, the Mangird cable is awesome.

The H40 is also efficient. I’m usually surprised at where my volume is set at compared to other sets. Anything should be able to drive this set.

I don’t have driver flex issues with the H40. Because of the deep insertion, finding the right tips to fit and seal properly might be challenging but the H40 comes with a great assortment to get you started. I do get some inner ear suction I have to tweak the tip position to resolve from time to time, but that’s normal with a deeper IEM.

The H40 is also considerably larger than the Mangird. I love the fit of the H40. It fits my ear really well.

I’ll be keeping both the Mangird and the H40. The H40 is going to be getting a lot of play in my ears. I’m impressed with it and didn’t expect to be.

With this post, I hoping to be taking a break from this forum. It’s been awesome chatting about IEMs with all of you. :love_you_gesture:


H40 vs OH-10 for those who have heard both?


Very different. OH10 is V shaped, small soundstage in your face sound. H40 is more balanced, big soundstage and relaxed.


My set arrived yesterday, I have been listening for about 12 hours and I don’t see any good reason as to why I would want to send it back and get the FH3, especially as mine came with the balanced cable.

It is truly a fantastic piece of kit, I see no way in which portable audio could get much better, especially without spending a serious amount of money. I will be keeping this set indefinitely for use with my QP2R, I simply need the ifi IEmatch as there is a noticeable hiss



If you read my comparison between the FH3 and H40,

I came to the conclusion that they both have a similar frequency response. There are slight differences between the two sets which I went back and forth slightly preferring one or the other on various material. Either way, they both sound great despite their differences.

Would love hearing your in-depth thoughts after you’ve had the chance to listen to them more.