Japanese Music Thread

Recently picked up Grey Skies by Taeko Ohnuki and I really like it.

Interested in what other people listen to

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Some other great albums:

Taeko Ohnuki - Mignonne
Yumi Arai - MISSLIM
Takako Mamiya - Love Trip

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Haven’t bought the album yet. Lively, fun, would make a pretty cover song for bass.

Sounds nice. Though, way too tired to listen the whole thing through. probably, maybe tomorrow.
(-~-)/ {highly sleep drunk smiley}

nujabes is my favorite japanese artist most would know him as the guy that produced the music for samurai champloo:

my second favoorite japanese artists are midichronica they are a fairly underground rap group but love a lot of their stuff.
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This is a Great city pop album!

More great stuff:

Kokohana - Haruyo Haruyo (Track)
I couldn’t seem to find the full alum but this 1 track. From the album Hitoomoi
Sumiko Yamagata - Moonlight Jitterbug (Track)
Same with this. From the album Flying
Kaco - 夢から醒めた夢 (Track)
A bit on the newer side (released in 2019) but it’s very nice. From the album Tategami
Junko Ohashi - Tea For Tears (Album)
Great vocals

Not sure if they count since it’s not in Japanese, but they’re from Japan.


Kamisama Kazoku:




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JRap. Brings me back.

Can’t have a Japanese music thread without the queens of hard rock renaissance, the 5, the only… BAND-MAID.

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Here’s one I came across on a kenjutsu dojo’s website once - good music for physical training (or war preparations, as the case may be):

Also, the traditional song “Sakura Sakura”, here performed on the koto:

First time I heard it was in vocals-only version in this 3D motion capture tech demo called “Kara”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-pF56-ZYkY

Technically this is chinese, but its a cool song anyway.
Chang Jing - The Breath

One of my favorite songs to play on bass. Wish i could find that album version though. Oh well
Tokyo Jihen - Sounan

It’s been awhile.
Anri - Heaven Beach
Junko Ohashi - Magical
Miki Matsubara - Light Mellow
Tomoko Aran - Fuyukukan
Yumi Matsutoya - Hikō-Ki Gumo

Nice thread! Is anime music excluded, just checking before I weeb it up lol.

Speaking of city pop, I’ve been digging the compilation Light In The Attic Records just put out. This track in particular has been on repeat:

Back with some more great Japanese Music

Hyakkei - Okurimono
Folk Muk - In And Yo
Hideaki Tokunaga - Vocalist 2 (No link)

Easily my favorite symphonic japanese band

One of my favorites right now