JAY's audio memes (and reviews/ranking too I guess)

Yeah, that’s a fact. Fuck you bass, with the rest of the frequency cleaned up, would be a real Maestro Micro (mini MM)


I wish i drank. That would have explained it🤣


OMG this made me laugh so hard. Then I had questions of: 1. Was any alcohol consumed before said purchase “in [your] sleep”? 2. If yes, how much? :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Please teach me the ways :rofl: :rofl: :joy:


So, I had the chance to try the budget offerings from Tanchjim, and I gotta say - I’m impressed :ok_hand:

Pretty much dead neutral with the exception that the uppermids/early treble is elevated. I’d say these would fall under neutral-bright. Heavily library dependent since theres no low-end emphasis, which can be good or bad depending on the song - definitely not a basshead set or for anything hip hop/EDM/POP - great vocal set at mid volume, especially female vocals.

Super clean. Amazing clarity. Cleaner separation and imaging than other $20 sets - tied with the Quarks DSP but better mid range clarity due to the lack of bass. Vocals are open and forward leaning with great detail and air. Female vocals SHINE. Super smooth dynamics and decent treble extension, lacking maybe the last bit past 10K. Great at lower-mid volume.

Uppermids energy gets intense at higher volume. My ears started ringing at 75db+ for longer listening periods. Male vocals can sound thin/light, as well as note-weight in general due to the lack of bass and uppermid focus. Staging is average. Library dependent. Low-end is evident, but not enough energy and presence, again lacking bass for those who want it.


Dead-neutral. Every pro the Zero has (clarity, resolution, dynamics), but less intense with better scaling. Best dynamics/smoothest out of everything I heard under $100 (yes even the Quarks DSP). Zero is more engaging at mid volume, but Ola scales like a beast, reminds me of a brighter DM with smaller stage, less bass, and worse imaging.

Dead-neutral - low-end is similar to the Zero but with sub-bass roll off. Boring at mid-volume due to the lack of bass, but once cranked up low-end is good like the DM but without the texture. Heavily library and volume dependent.


Harman uppermids without the mid-bass scoop, basically a better Quarks DSP with more air/mid-bass, and less sub-bass. Great dynamics like the DSP, but stage is airier and more opened. Good balance of male and female vocal note-weight - never thin nor sharp. Clarity doesn’t take a hit either, around the same as the Ola, maybe not as cleanly separated due to more bass and not dead-neutral. My favourite out of all the Wan’er, Cadenza, Hola (smoother, cleaner, more air and better dynamics).

Not much. I can maybe see fit being an issue due to the design, and I do still prefer the OG Ola for high volume and certain genres like ballads, indie, and acoustics. But everything else the OLA Bass is more engaging and exciting. A fusion of the Aria sound and Harman done well.

If I’d rank the current budget sets it’d be something like this:

  1. Ola Bass (best tuned “safe” sound)/ OG Ola (best clarity and scaling)/ ROSEFINCH (for that BASS)
  2. Quarks DSP
  3. Hola/Wan’er/Cadenza
  4. Zero/Khan/QKZ HBB
  5. Chu/ Truthear Zero

ROSEFINCH should be tried, just for fun. :boom: :slightly_smiling_face:


This has been my life’s mission since the fall


Everyone should try Rosefinch.



Interesting that the Ola has landed at that #1 spot considering it received next to no traction when it first released … I’ve also heard good things about them from Timmy as well. I’ve heard the fit is an issue when them, how’d they fair with you, jay?

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The fact that your tastes seem to align with me, maybe I will have to take some time out for the Olas eventually.

The Quarks DSP just doesn’t work for me since I’m on an iPhone, but I respect the hustle

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Fit was ok just not that comfy due to the edges. Ya Ola lowkey the most underrated set. The tuning is so similar to the DM, but again library dependent. It scales really nice though :ok_hand:

Honestly surprised that the Ola Bass didn’t get much traction. I like it a lot more than all the Wan’ers - just sounds more complete and smoother. Bass still has good impact and texture although not as much which I actually like since it allows the other FRs to shine.

If you have the DM you can EQ it to the OG Ola:

I gave mine more sub-bass and air :slight_smile:

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I think you’ll like the Ola Bass more since the OG’s doesn’t have the mid bass you like, again, dead neutral, and ya probably avoid the DSP haha.

Just ordered a set of Rosefinches for myself. Was looking at them a while ago but could only find them for $40 outside of aliexpress and said no that’s way too much. Searched again and tada 15 bucks on amazon.