JAY's audio memes (and reviews/ranking too I guess)

I hope. Still, I love the coherence of single DD and … ordered!



Awesome thanks for the recommendation man, will pick up the S15s then

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Dude I was crying yesterday, I saw someone selling a EA1000+ea500+lc7 cable for like 200 but I missed it by 3 days :'c

now I gotta wait and buy without a deal, like a chump


Personally I am more in line with @cal_lando and find the EA1000 to be overall brighter and the Sennheiser to have more sub bass emphasis and be more balanced within their V shaped tuning. That isn’t to say the ie600 isn’t bright because it can get overly hot in the upper registers and can put my teeth on edge at higher volumes. 100% agree about the artificial boosted air but the Simgot are also guilty here - I get minor fatigue with both - but I also don’t see these as a comparable but as two sets that lean bright with different tuning philosophies - though equally I don’t see the ea1000 as anything close to either Harman signatures. I wouldn’t dare touch jazz on ie600 but it’s bearable on ea1000. I wouldn’t use ea1000 for electronic but ie600 can work well.

Weird how we all seem to be seeing this differently. But also @VIVIDICI_111 your graph seems to differ in the treble for the ie600 from other graphs for these sets, so maybe there could be some unit deviations or perhaps it is just insertion depth when measuring, equally I would like to adjust the scale for consistency across the squig universe and ensure it is not just a visual thing - but I am not sure how to do this on the website - anyone know?.. :man_shrugging:


And something about “Boson”? It has an interesting FR :hammer:

giphy (1)

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Definitely true EQing the subbass to match the IE600 :+1:

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You can only adjust these 3

Not the db scale, that you can only do if you have access to the ftp server the squigs are on.


Then subtle hint to the server owners… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

@Rikudou_Goku - last question
Does it provide a metric for deviation to a target within a defined fr range?


ehm, do you mean this?


This Falcon Ultra is turning out to be a really well tuned set for me.

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I wanted a single computation of % adherence to target. This is the visualisation with delta of the comparative curves data points but only at a single inspection point - I was hoping for a total deviation or adherence to a target if you define the fr band.

Like below but with definable targets.

I can work it out if I want to download the data but I’m lazy

If there is some “go seek” type of curve matching between models within a server that would be quite cool also as we could auto band sets based off signature instead of preference targets.

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nope havent seen that before and this is beyond me lol.

Currently busy with my new toy. :smirk:



Have networking fun chap :+1:

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Will need to wait until I have checked my new HDD completely first before I do anything else, probably will take days lol. (16TB drive.)

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What file system does the Synology NAS have?

They have their own BTRFS which is great.

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I love/need treble air but IE600 pushed it way too much. I was getting sibilance and timbre was affected. Dioko was even worse.

I do think that one of the reason for this is because the small driver in the IE600 graphs with more mid bass than it has in reality. If IE600 had more mid-bass it would counter balance nicely with the upper treble.

Edit: added the second quote.


ULTIMATE $50 IEMS Budget Guide (Feb 2024)

Trio mini review inside :wink:

#4 7Hz Sonus (on sale for $38)
#3 ARTTI T10 (on sale for $50)

Bass heads:
QKZ HBB Hades (look at that bass)
ARTTI R1 (warm/upgraded QKZ HBB)


The disrespect on the Rosefinch…unacceptable lol


Have a feeling Hades gonna replace that :wink: