Jaytiss Reviews and Ranking

That graph looks great to me - I loved DC bass, but the mids were approaching “honky” in their emphasis to me. The dips where DaVinci has them could fix that.



I found Doscinco somewhat spicy from 4-8kHz (it’s linear there) at high volume, and high volume is one of if the reasons to get a bassy set imo.
Only having one BA for the treble didn’t help either, it could hint at sounding a bit strained.

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I feel I really get this. A lot of bassy sets add some spice up top to compensate it, when at high volumes most would balance out ok anyway - so there are lots of bassy sets that I can’t treat in the way I’d like to treat a bassy set. There are very few sets that are L shaped over V shaped.

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Yeah DaVinci is pretty interesting. Very well tuned.



On graph, it looks kinda dark…maybe to me anyway. Waiting for impressions




Can someone give me a rundown my VPN is too slow for YouTube :joy:


It’s very good. Tuning is really strong. I think it’s about on the same level as the Hype 4 tuning-wise and stronger. It sounds good and has dynamic treble. I really like it, and think the packaging is great.

Great Bass, nice upper mids. Air and detail to me is really good.


I was about to purchase but then I watched Mark Ryan’s review on Super Review - he gave it a measly 3/5 with lowest ranking out of 5-6 sets. Dang. He wasn’t a fan of its bass quality (thuddy) or treble timbre (dry).

Exceptional imaging though apparently


I’ve read someone say the Pilgrim outdoes the Mest MK2 in detail retrieval.

Which causes me to pay attention to the Noir… What does it really offer above the OG Pilgrim :thinking:

Just demo it at a show first. We all have different ears. It’s hard to gather much from a few reviews. They should be on Amazon soon. :slight_smile:

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I think this may come down to HRTF differences but there is no way I’d say the Pilgrms out preform the MEST MK2 in terms of detail retrieval. I think the MEST MK2 has stronger techs overall and this is just based on memory, so maybe take this with a grain of salt, but I remember distinctly that the MEST rendered details a step above the Pilgrims. Not to mention, the other techs were stronger on the MEST to my ears as well.



Do I see in the Elysian ligature the the Noir is 1 DD 2 Soinion and 1 Knowles.
Whereas the OG is 1DD 3 Sonion

And from that graph I take the OG any day.

HBB graph shown alot more Mid bass?

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Yeah not sure. So far to my ears it is a lot, and I mean a lot better. OG pilgrim was oddly bright af. This is a lot like The 64 Volur for 800.


Interesting, I have my Pilgrim on a warmer Dap and pure copper cable and its perfect for me with that config.

Does it have more mid bass punch with the Noir?

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Hard to say. Still figuring it out. Been like 109 F here the last few days, so running on little sleep. But it sounds less shimmery and grounded, yet with great technicalities. Very nice.


This is just part of my Noire review. It’s a solid set, and unique in the market of what Elysian has released in the past. (Video review will be up later tonight or tomorrow.)


The case is beautiful and premium. The same case in their more expensive sets.

Tip Selection - The tip selection is fair, and I have no issues with it.


Vs Pilgrim

This is the comparison. To put it simply the Pilgrim OG is brighter, and I do prefere the Noir in a vacuum. But the Pilgrim OG has that special sauce in the air, bass, and treble that makes it a unique listen on the fun side of neutral, while the Noir is dark, silent, almost reserved.

VS Dunu Davinci

Noire has the sauce and it is competitive in a vacuum, but at less than half the price, I think the Davinci is safer for most people. I like the upper mids and bass of the Dunu Davinci more, and think it’s tuned better. I think the metal shell of the Dunu Davinci and nice Pennatconn cable is debatably better, but sound alone I think the Dunu Davinci is set that most people will like more. This is about me trying to find value for others, and I think the Dunu Davinci might be the better value, especially for those chasing that new fresh jm 1 target.

Vs 64 Audio Volur

This is where the argument gets interesting. If you are after a more neutral or mild V set, then this might be what you want. I feel is similar to the Volur, but the Volur has better upper treble, technicalities and is to my ears an overall better set. But it’s also 2500 vs the 800. I think the shell and outside of the Volur is better, but this is a similar tune and I can see people who want a Volur on a budget with a nice Penntaconn cable to find the Noire a fantastic value as well as an incredible product.

VS Simgot EM10

Call me crazy but the em10 is getting a lot of time in my ears. The insane comfort, the sparkly upper mids, I just dig it. I like the bass more and it’s half the price. It’s ok to like an iem for comfort. While the Pigrims are both comfortable, they aren’t the most comfortable and sometimes the cable bothers my ears.


So a few things. Elysian makes good products, this is a fine and solid product that is enjoyable and in some ways a huge win. But like anything I have to be critical when there is a need. It’s an enjoyable set, that has a few problems that make it something that I personally would find a niche tune and not something I would gravitate towards. The Anniliator 2023 is still my favorite set and yeah, just does it for me. Is this a good set and a fun set? Absolutely. But it’s not what the Annihilator is for me, and is a more unique tune, with a shell that isn’t super comfortable for me.

What I want is an annihilator-style tuning in a more comfortable shell and cable, or something that just kills me with bass. This is neither but a relaxed iem that is flat and good. Yet as it doesn’t come super close to touching the sun, it becomes something that while I fully enjoy I don’t think it is the legend that many of you might want. But for the fans of the Elysian sound, it could be a nice chill set. I think people will like it. Do I like it? Yes, 100%, but I think it isn’t the greatest value iem that I can see, and feel there are better options depending on what you want.


Sound - Final Impressions

This is a smooth chill set that wont’ frustrate you and distract you with too much air or sparkle. It’s relaxed and reserve, it’s polite but great. Obviously our opinions are always different, but with many iems I would give hesitant recommendations or weary recommendations. I feel this iem is a solid pick with the few caveats that I’ve mentioned. It has a nice price, and good value proposition in comparison to some of the other Elysian products, and it provides something special and unique that Elysian hasn’t really done before.

Recommended EQ:

I use Peace APO to EQ on the PC. This EQ is done to my preference. I recently set up a preference curve on My Squig. So for at least iems, I can use my own graphs now. Please feel free to use the measurements as you want… Jaytiss.squig.link

Overall this is an amazing iem that could easily be a game for most. The goal for me with an iem is to have an iem that doesn’t need EQ. This iem, does sound better to me with this eq, more neutral and less colored. This iem has very little eq, save some in the upper mid region, the rest is incredibly close to my target, weirdly so. This iem does’t need EQ, but I could see people wanting some EQ with it.


Taking the punt on Oracle 3. Let’s see how it is. XD