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These are my conditional formating rules for my tip page (which has values between 0-5).

Value is less than or equal to 0

Value is between X and Y

Cell is not empty

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What games are you using to test? Would personally not recommend including the gaming section lol - maybe some recommendations for gaming but that’s about it

which reminds me I need to revamp my list as well

If its competititve games and well known (like counter strike, battlefield, cod) I can see value in it.

How far off is the EM6L from the Chopin just off pure enjoyment?
I’m looking to buy something new and I’m trying to figure out if the Chopin is worth the price jump haha

I see value in it, but I also don’t. A major reason is for that is to future-proof if a gamer asks. Do I really think it matters. No, but you do need a somewhat balanced sound. So too lean, too bright, or too large of an iem, or even too small is a hard pass for me and gaming. Thus my recommendation. Let’s think of this example:

Random gaming bro: “Bro, is this good for gaming?”

“May, I introduce you to our Lord and Savior Gaming ranks”

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EM6L is good. It’s a fine iem. It’s an easy recommendation, especially at the price. If Price is an issue, I’d go with Simgot EW200. I’ll be talking about all three of these on a Video on Wednesday, that I’m writing now.

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unless you’re buying super muddied earphones it doesn’t really matter, basically - get guud, lol

when I was in jr high I played crossfire semi-pro (tournaments and stuff), and this was all with a microsoft office mouse + keyboard, 60fps monitor, and some OG apple earbuds

@Jaytiss So based off your comment, are you testing these in games? Because there’s no point in having a list if you don’t. TBH I’m not sure how you arrived at those scores in the first place. What is your testing method exactly?


All true.

Although if you ask me the priority for competitive gaming is:

  1. Comfort
  2. Fit
  3. Clean tonality
  4. Stage size
  1. Frequency separation capability. But yes, the stage is the most important. :wink:
  1. Skill

  1. Isolation/fit/comfort
  2. Stage and clarity


ok maybe not 100 but you get my point lol


Yeah lol. I usually play games WITHOUT sound as well. :joy:
(with music or youtube instead.)


I see your point. Am I trying to be fresh reviews or Technie? No.

I’m just trying to give my hot take on a product. This is for ease for me and those people who will ask, if people want to know my opinion. If they don’t care, they can ask someone else. So the casual one and done they get my opinion without the intimidation or social anxiety to ask, for the audiofiles who are rich they will buy everything, and the cheap audiophiles will only buy the stuff from their favorite reviewer. I’m just trying for some level of honesty and ease.

May I remove them someday? Yes. But unless there is economic reason for me to do so, I doubt I will. I think it’s valid and important.

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  1. Comfort/Fit
  2. Clean tonality
  3. Right tone, too much bass or treble is death.
  4. But yes, the stage is the most important.
  5. Frequency separation capability.
  6. Solid technicals for discord and game noise.
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That’s fine man, I’m just wondering how you get your scores? For example I’m a bit confused from your MagicOne video - you gave it a 92/100 but the scores for bass, mids, treble, and gaming were 6, 7, 8, 8… I’m not sure how that adds up to 92?

And how do you determine a 9 or 8 for gaming? Did you get more kills when using them? But that’s very hard to test since the factors are always different in a match. Can you clarify what points you test for?

I think it would make it a lot more clearer for your viewers.

Same. Put the game volume on low and blast the tunes!


Hifigo deals if anyone is interested.

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Thanks for the heads up on the deals. If you don’t mind me making a couple suggestions, can you add a top row and filters so each column can be sorted? Also, a Discount % column could be useful to see which items have the biggest discount.

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I tried to do that, but I made it worse so I restored it. Feel free to pm me, I’ll add you as an editor if you’d like to help with it.

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I dont understand your rank

I’m working on a video on it now. Did you have a specific question?