🔷 JDS Labs EL Amp II

This is the official thread for the JDS Labs EL Amp II

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • RCA in, RCA pre out, 1/4 inch headphone out
  • 1.3 W @ 32 ohms, 656mW @ 150 ohms
  • Buttons to change gain and headphone/preamp mode

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Odd how I ended up with one of these. I was using a JDS O2 five years ago, and had no issues with it, but changed to a Schiitstack when I got a new office, and used the O2 at home. I had the Magni3 and was fairly satisfied with it, but when the 3+ and Heresy came out, I went to the Schittr to demo them and see about upgrading. I didn’t really find myself impressed with either, so I listened to the Asgard, and really didn’t like that (maybe it was the DAC that was feeding it, but it sounded really soft to me, especially coming from the Magni). So I did a little reading and decided to go with the El 2. The fact that they will engrave them for free was a nice touch, too. It sounds great, powers everything I have thrown at it so far, and looks marvelous (picture of my volume knob engraving).



Great amp, glad you are enjoying it :+1:

Anyone thinking of upgrading from el aml 1 to this?

I did. I wanted the preamp feature, which works well. They sound the same to me via headphones.

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I was using the Sp200 and M200 and switched to this with the el dac II and don’t regret it all.l. This combo just sounds way better and definitely better made.


Can’t wait to get mine.