Juzear 41T: "The Little Engine That Could" Clubhouse

So, in coordination with the monthly AliExpress Discovery sales, I’m going to make a thread here for the Juzear 41T, so that people will be able to make a decision about jumping on this if they want a cheap “knock your socks off” IEM.

Because it’s 3-for-3 so far, people.


The 3-For-3

An addendum for another hugely positive review:


But I would like to reiterate the QC issues that you’ve experienced:

So buyers beware - with great value comes since QC issues :sweat_smile:


You are absolutely right that QC issues matter and it is a lottery, as I pointed out in my impressions.

But I’m not going to throw Juzear under the bus, like they’re the only ones:

We don’t hear anything about this kind of QC when we blow smoke up Elysian’s ass. I’m just saying, it’s always a risk but for under $150, 41T is worth rolling the dice

EDIT: Switched out the comparison to show 41T’s channel balance against Elysian


Yeah, hopefully they have sorted out their QA process so the incidence is low and minor.

Based on the impressions shared so far, I’m surprised that a warm smooth set has such fantastic technicalities like imaging and layering. Perhaps the treble is quite elevated as well? Rare to have warm sets that are holographic, isn’t it? Pretty cool!


It’s absolutely NOT elevated treble. It’s really more that nothing in the frequency is overly boosted, so you don’t have to compensate anywhere. Pinna gain is the most elevated part of it (so vocals will pop), but the pinna is only 8dB over the lower-mid so it’s not too bright. So you don’t have to have any peaks in the treble to match energy elsewhere. Everything is well tuned


Huh, I guess this goes back to the age-old question of - how do you create artificial holographic / surround sound in IEMs? From a naive point of view, I’d guess it’s from a combo of tuning, physical dimensions/shape of the chambers/soundtubes, and the driver characteristics? @Rikudou_Goku @hawaiibadboy @paulwasabii wonder if any of you could chime in?

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Wont speak of the tuning aspects as I have not done that with iems.

But generally I tend to get deeper stage with more mid-bass, which leads to them being more likely to sound holographic. An example of this is with the Sony XBA-Z5 (the deepest stage I heard) when i went and drastically lowered the mid-bass on it, the stage depth pretty much vanished.


Fascinating! What about the upper treble? I thought high frequencies can also impact staging? Or maybe influence the fake “echo” effect…

Very good point about mid-bass impacting deeper stage depth. The two that come to mind immediately are the Maestro Mini and your very own Berserker buds. I’m not sure which ones specifically, forgive me, but the amount of mid-bass in those coupled with the fact that they’re buds created a ridiculous amount of depth.


upper-treble affects air mainly and stage width to me. Usually I get a wider stage from brighter tonalities, so an increased upper-mids/treble area will benefit that aspect.

But well, stage is heavily reliant on your own HRTF so you kinda have to figure out how it works for you personally.

Although it does seem like you are similar to me in that regard. :wink:


What are every single one of my favorite IEMs and earbuds?

Midbass equal or emphasized versus everything else in the frequency

well, tbf, with buds you NEED some mid-bass to make up for the sub-bass in comparison to iems.
So the bass shelf preference should be a bit different (more mid-bass) with buds compared to iems.

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It certainly seems that way :sunglasses: I’ve also found that stage is very HRTF dependent. A boosted upper mids always results in a more intimate, closed in stage for me because the vocals are so boosted, they are right in front of you.

With that, you also need the mid-bass to be boosted as well usually.

And look. :smirk:



Wait really? Tanyas pack Elecom cap-20 tips? Fuckin’ A that’s the one of the best midbass tips out there

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Yeah, identical to me and @nymz as well.

Man, you are green lol. :joy:

Did you know that you could get the Final Audio Type E tips through the Kinera Tyr iems?


You know it’s very interesting you write that because that’s exactly what I wrote off the Serratus yet most people seem to love those buds! :person_shrugging:t2:

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Serratus has a great widescreen style presentation, and that works for a lot of people and has it’s place.

Ripples is better to me because it has that midbass, dynamic range, and depth that smokes Serratus.

41T is a little bit behind on dynamic range, but it’s one of the nicest presentations of dynamic range/imaging that I’ve heard in an IEM, irrespective of price


the tanya IEM is a good overall kit for anyone in the hobby

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