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This is the official thread for the Klipsch HP-3. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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I found one of these on ebay, essentially brand new, open box, at a 500 dollar discount. It arrives tomorrow and I’m very hyped. I would never pay more than that for a headphone, so if all goes well this will be my endgame. Will post again after I have had some time with them.


That’s a really good deal :+1:. Nice find

Alright, these showed up this morning. Wall of text incoming.

The box is amazing, as everyone who watched Z’s vid knows. I got the ebony wood, all the cables and whatnot are colored to match. The headphones are beautiful, though the ebony isn’t as obviously stand out as the other woods, you need some light to really appreciate it. I don’t have the problem that Z had with them sliding off his head, they sit firmly on my head. I will say that the headband padding could be better, as I do feel some discomfort after extended listening periods. I may get the Dekoni Nuggets to take some pressure off the top of my head. The pads feel just about perfect, I have no desire to try swapping with these.

I have tried a lot of upgrades since getting into this hobby. I started with X2s and went from there to the HE4XX, which has been my go-to for a few years now, despite numerous attempts to upgrade from there. I have the Verums, I have tried both variations of the M1060s, Meze Classics, Hifiman Sundaras, 58Xs, and 1More Triple Driver over-ears. I like several of them but none of them as much as my 4XX. I was about to give up and decide that to my ears the 4XX was just a perfect fit and I should just stop trying to get something “better.”

These, right out of the box, are an obvious upgrade. I didn’t need to take time to adjust to the signature, I didn’t need to try to talk myself into giving them a longer listen before I drew conclusions, I hardly ended up doing any EQ, and I EQ the absolute fuck out of everything. I just added a tad bit more low end, which wouldn’t be at all necessary for anyone that doesn’t love an exaggerated bass signature, I just happen to like my slams. They’re just better, period. Considering the price difference that should be obvious, but you gotta understand how happy I was with my 4XX. Those things were doing exactly what I wanted as far as I could tell. (Then why upgrade? Because insanity.)

They’re so musical, there’s nothing clinical about the sound. They’re detailed but not in a way that makes bad mixes sound offensive. I started out with some of my favorite songs as far as production quality goes, and steadily moved towards stuff that I love but will trash talk all day because of how ugly sounding some of it is. Nothing sounds bad. Whatever is going on in these takes the edge off the worst sounding songs in my library, and greatly enhances the best.

Sound stage is just wide enough, I would call it perfect for music listening. Wide enough that you get some cymbal splashes and little details out away from your head but close enough that the more intimate sounds still sound legitimately intimate. The music has space to breathe and it’s amazingly easy to pick out every little thing going on. The music I listen to is busy, there’s a lot going on and it’s all being thrown at you very quickly, if a headphone doesn’t do separation well things can get lost very easily. I can hear EVERYTHING going on with these. It’s clarity on a level I haven’t heard from anything else, but just as importantly, it’s fun sounding. My music sounds alive.

I did a lot of homework before I invested in these, and in an interview with one one of the guys at Klipsch, they said they wanted to build “a headphone that ROCKS.” Mission accomplished for them and endgame achieved for me.


It’s great how klipsch focuses their high end heritage products towards more music enjoyment rather then pure tech specs or “the most whatever.” They just make it sound so enjoyable while retaining a great level of detail. They just focus on tuning their sound to make it super enjoyable and well rounded.

I was looking at a pair, but I convinced myself that I don’t need it, and I have too many already, but your impressions are definitely making me look into them again lol

Edit: also what amp are you using them with?

Currently using the THX 788 from Monoprice.

I have my first set of tubes coming tomorrow in the form of the Little Dot Mk2, so it will be interesting to hear how they sound on those. Z seemed to think they tubed well.

Well, that might make them even more relaxed and laid back, and expand the sense of space, so you can choose between 2 different flavors of sound with the different amps :+1:

Thanks for taking the time to write up a review. I fell in love with the looks of the oak ones and have been thinking of picking up a pair for a while now. This just further reinforces the fact that I need to pick up a pair sooner rather than later.

335, any plans on getting the Klipsch amp?

Nah. I thought about it briefly but truth be told I have never heard a big difference when swapping from amp to amp or dac to dac. I already have an all-in-one and I don’t think I’ll be getting any more. I do love the look of that thing though.