L30 problem and advice

Hello guys.
So, my L30 was sent back due to the recent problem with internal burn + potencial headphone issues.
Now, i have to decide if i get an updated L30 (SN: +2012…) or should i get something else. Maybe a Liquid spark amp or maybe a A50s (but i´m a bit uncertain about topping). Dunno what to do. Can you guys help please?

I´m using a desktop pc with E30 dac + DT990 600ohms.

Thanks for any help

I personally wouldn’t pay extra for the balanced out on the A50s if you’re using the DT990 since it won’t run balanced unless you mod them. I don’t know about the differences between the L30 and the Spark since I haven’t tried the L30, but if you rather avoid Topping for now I can say that the Spark is definitely a good amp :+1:.

Where are you located? If you’re in the US I would suggest going with either the Liquid Spark or the Schiit Magni 3+. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, the Schiit Asgard 3 is the best sounding <$200 amp I’ve had the privilege of hearing…and by a considerable margin. It also plays great with Beyers.

If you’re in the EU I would still recommend finding a Liquid Spark if you can. If not, see if you can get a Lake People G103-S.

@Martward @WaveTheory

I´m from EU but i guess i can put my hands on a liquidspark. And i think its my best option.
Is A50s just a L30 with a balance input? I watched @DMS reviews on both of them and he praises A50s a lot more than he did on the L30.
But still, A50s is another topping product and after L30 problem i´m not sure about the brand. i might be wrong…but…

No the A50s is not just a L30 with a balanced input, but the A50s is more expensive and it has a balanced output that you wouldn’t use with a DT990. So if you are looking at reviews, make sure to look at the performance of the single-ended output (unless you plan to buy different headphones or modding the DT990).
I don’t think there is necessarily a lot to fear from Topping, at least not if you buy tried and tested amps that have been on the market for a while. Still I can imagine you’re not particularly excited to get another Topping amp though, so it may be worth looking around anyway.
Liquid Spark is a bit tough to get in EU, Monoprice has a European store but it’s usually out of stock. Maybe looking at the used product will be faster. IFI is also a good brand and usually has good availability in Europe, maybe something like the Zen Dac is something to look into? (Just throwing options out there, I have no experience with them)

True statement on availability. The Zen series though is very underpowered. The Zen CAN did not do well with my 600ohm Beyer.


Oh really? Hmm I figured the main thing about the Zen CAN would be that it has more power than the Zen Dac, so I thought they should be plenty for 600Ohm Beyers. Good to know!

I spilled 3500 words on it here, if you have 2 hours and healthy dose of masochism :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@WaveTheory @Martward

I don´t care that much to youtube reviews, i prefer real life feedback from users. My purchases are made primarily from feedback on forums.
I heard good things about ZEN but i remember one complain was the power was not enough for more demanding headphones.
Thanks for the help guys. Guess ill try to get the liquid spark
Worst scenario will be stick to a new L30 version…and pray…a lot.

Liquid Spark is on hold for a bit due to stock.
What you guys think of Geshelli Archel 2.5 pro with D30 dac + DT990 600ohm?

I have Zen CAN and liquide Spark. I can say for 100% that Zen Can powers DT880 600ohm just fine,on +6db setting single ended. If DT880 will be balance modded Zen Can will blow them.

Hi! I’m glad you’re having a positive experience :+1: My DT880 is balanced modded and sound intensity (loudness) isn’t the issue at all. I agree the CAN could blow the DT880 - maybe - but to my ear the low end was just sloppy and distorted. It’s not just about having the power, it’s delivering it. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

By the way , I have black edition DT880 600ohm. These have bass, but for me the problem with dt880 is that they have thick fleece on drivers to reduce trebles. I just hear veil. so i decided to remove that fleece and now DT880 turned to 990, but black version has firm pads, so it is bass loaded. Beyerdynamic claims all version of DT 880 are the same but it’s not true. Black edition is another headphone.

And yes on single ended Zen Can needs high gain +18db to power DT880, at least to push details. But anyway I dont hear problems in bass. My 880 are not balanced.

Sorry, can you help me out? I think you have reviewed this before.
Would gashelli archel 2.5 pro be a better pair than liquid spark? Using DT990 600ohms and topping d30 dac.
This setup is for 85% gaming and 15% media, music and movies.

Personally think the liquid spark would be a great combo here.

It would depend on the sound you are after, the archel 2.5 pro does drive the 990 600 ohm but it might be pretty bright and lean, should still be competent but for my tastes I would want something to tame down the treble a bit for the 990

I prefer to ear things as they are recorded.
So, liquid spark is the best pair.
People also talk about asgard 3 but I think it is a bit expensive.
Thanks for the help.