Let's talk about power equipment for your audio gear

it’s obvious that you would want your equipment to be on some sort of surge protector and / or line conditioner. what else should we think about having / using to protect our gear and / or enhance it’s operation? let’s also try to discuss / comment about solutions to common power problems. an example to help would be something like dirty power or chronic voltage droop, etc.

right now I have everything running off of a generic power bar connected to the battery back up portion of my CyberPower 1500VA UPS that supplies a pure sinewave.

I currently have 2 ps audio power plant 20’s for my living room and desk 1 setups, they work well and did improve sound quality from my experience, but are pricey and not worth it for most people


what did you use before you got the power plants? what was your progression of power equipment before you reached the point you’re at now? can you share why you chose the gear you did and what effects it had on and what led you to buying the next step up?

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I just use one of these at my desk and one in my listening room… I don’t think my systems are at a point where I need to worry about spending more

I tried out a couple of furman and shunyata research conditioners and they didn’t really seem to do much in terms of quality, I mainly just ran straight from the wall

The power plants have been the only thing that made an immediately noticeable difference in the setups I have put them in. Pretty simple choice for me at least

if you’ve got the budget…yeah, it could be simple.

you said you had the Furman and Shunyata coming straight out of the mains. does that mean you did something different with the PS Audio parts?

Of course, like I said it’s def not worth it for most people, they could get better by just getting higher tier gear

Nope same thing, nothing different in that regard, just plugged right into the wall like the furman and shunyata. I do have some other experiences around power for my gear but I’m not going to comment on that

that is a fairly priced piece of equipment, Don. the UPS I have sell for about $250 CAD…however I bought them for a different purpose, to protect my crypto mining systems when I was mining back in 2016 / 2017. I was pulling so much power from the mains that I wanted something there to protect the systems if something went awry. I had $5000 in parts going…made $2K in about 2 months, but then had to sell my setup. that was fortunate as btc crashed just after someone bought it from me. I pretty much got the same for what I paid too…there was no 1080 Ti stock, so when they came up, they were grabbed immediately.

…anyhow, I digress. we;re here to talk about power equipment, LoL!

why not? that’s likely exactly one of the the things I hoped this thread would generate. where problems occurred, things went wrong and what you found for solutions. even anecdotal, it’s good for others to know, so they can have an option for a course of action! :smiley:

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I just wanted a good brand and something to protect my gear… price was reasonable I thought… peace of mind is worth alot lol


Ok, well I noticed a quality difference in changing power cables in my system lol. For desk 1, everything is wired with Shunyata NR-V10 cabling that ended up making a sonic improvement in the amps and dacs I tried them with lol. I used to use venom v14 cables which were good and made a smaller improvement but I found that the improvement of the NR-V10 was a worthwhile purchase for me


I understand your hesitation lol

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Pretty sure the only reason I hear the difference is the power plants. I had some of those higher end power cables without the power plant and it really didn’t make a difference. I feel like once I had the better quality power from the ps audio is only when I noticed the differences that a nice power cable could make


I completely understand all these extras at your level… I’d like to spend some money (a reasonable amount) on cables just to get a clean look to the room

Ah everything is just shoved behind the desk and racks, out of sight out of mind lol.

I could recommend the power plants if someone had a higher end setup but still not cables, me mentioning cables on here does not mean I am recommending them whatsoever


The 4 Tiers of power management:

  1. Surge protection - If you don’t have this, get this!

  2. Power Conditioner - Takes Grid power and takes the edges off and lessens voltage fluctuation (mostly droop).
    A potential headache saver with random fuses popping or computers shutting off.

  3. Line-Interactive UPS - Using its internal battery, these devices just ignore the existance of the power grid in fault conditions.
    When your area has a black (or brown) out once per quarter or more often, get one!

  4. Online UPS - Takes grid power, turns it into DC (where the batteries are hooked in aswell) and then produces clean AC on the load side, no matter what happens on the grid side.


See post above.

They are powerconditioner and UPS in one unit. Often used with Server and mission-critical gear.

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Online UPS are pretty nice, really reliable and would most likely fix a fair amount of issues with bad power

I know all about UPS…I sell em. had some interesting projects…a three phase one for an office and a nifty one for some coast guard ships being built.

bloody noisy though!