Lets talk about your tips! ;)

I hear Azla’s run a little big from their stated measurements. Is that true?

Considering their Sedna Earfit Lights for myself. I know I’m either M or ML. Not aware of a variety pack to settle the question without ordering both sizes.

How did you successfully size yours? I’m probably a large in CP145 tips since the SpinFit medium doesn’t seal all that securely for me, comes out too easily.

I think the M size Azlas are the usual L size for most ear tips that we use, while the MS would be the medium-size, because when I first bought my first set of the Xelastecs that is in its M-size, it’s pretty much too big for my ear, therefore the M-size is the L-size for most earphones, for me at least.

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Azla sizes can be compared to spinfit since they both publish their diameters.

For example, spinfit cp100 M are 12.2mm .
If you check the azla chart, you’ll find that MS is 11.9 and M is 12.6mm . so the safest best is MS.

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