🔶 letshuoer s12

You can tell the difference but it is only a marginal improvement in weight of drum strikes. The vocals and guitars actually sound more natural on my Realme X2 Pro phone in dolby atmos. Overall not worth investing in a more powerful amp if you do not already own one imo

Only have original opamp in mine

I have sources. Hey.

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Stop playing coy:

interesting ,can you please share these nymz graphs that show sources differences on the same iem ?

I think that what @amanieux refers is that it is not necessarily the extra power available that changes the perceived sound but the signal processing method and hardware design of the amplification section (and more and more) as with IEMs you are mostly operating in very low region of the potential output range of amp like Zen DAC :slight_smile:

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it look like gryphon is boosting bass (test is to use a sine generator like Online Tone Generator - generate pure tones of any frequency and make sure 100 hz sine is volume matched with a db meter app, what is the stock source in the first graph ?

Its not boosting bass. It’s output impendance on sensible iems. And yes, it’s audible.

This is not another “volume match and A/B” but actual facts. Same goes for other sources, not just gryphon.