Looking to buy a tube amp for auteur

Hello everyone, I recently decided to buy a set of auteurs and (to me) the general consensus is that auteurs love tubes. I would like to buy a tube amp sometime before my auteurs arrive so I can A/B and get the most out of these cans (with my budget lol). I’d be running the amp off of a Bifrost 2, and I’d like to keep my budget under 1k. Some considerations that I’ve found include:

  • Feliks Audio Echo
  • Monoprice LP with better tubes (like a set of siemens A-frame, or bugle boy’s)
  • Lyr 3 (kinda Meh about this one, but it’s there)

What’s your favorite tube amp to drive ZMF auteurs off of (regardless of price)? What would be a good match for these headphones at or below a 1k price point (I am US based if that helps)? Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Below 1K, Bottlehead Crack with Speedball or Zampotech SW51+. The Crack is a DIY so may not work for you (unless you pay someone to assemble for you). The SW51+ has a months long waiting period. Others will chime in but the above are what I would buy.

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Haggerman Tuba is a good match and readily available, but you’ll want to replace the stock tubes ~$50-$80.
I like both the SW51+ and the Tuba with ZMF’s, I find the BHC+SB a bit on the wet side for everyday listening, but people’s tastes vary.

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DNA Stratus.
But there are a lot of good tube amps if you have $$$$ to spend.

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Some within your price range…solid products, solid value.

I can’t vouch for pairing, but I know the Cayin HA-1AMK2 is a darn good tube amp currently selling new for $899. I wrote about hit here:

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BHC+SB + BF2 = Fun

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This would work too under $1k

Thank you all for the suggestions thus far. I’m not too confident in soldering and such so I’m going to have to say no to a BHC (I also have no equipment to build a kit like that anyways). Really appreciate the help though and I’ll take a look at these options.

There is a guy on Etsy that sells them if you were interested.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll have to look that up!

Zeo once introduced Tor Audio.
In the meantime there is a full Balanced.

I recently saw the Little Dot Mk VI+ which tend to be more for low ohm headphones.

And for high impedance headphones there is the

The company is based in the USA.
I would ask which one would be more suitable for the auteur.
Probably the Mk 8 Se.

Zampotech’s SW51+ has been amazing. I’m looking to pair it with ZMFs myself.

The DNA Starlett synergizes really well with the Auteur OG.


Some great suggestions here so far. Just want to point out that if you’ve got the free time and any interest at all, learning to solder is much easier than most people think it is. The BHC and SB are both pretty simple builds you can likely assemble successfully after building a “learn to solder” kit or two. And, even if you add the cost of a good soldering station and the couple of tools you’d need, the total cost comes in under your budget, and you’ll have learned a cool skill at the same time.

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