M0n is a cutie. yap, definitely a cutie

for anyone who appreciates m0n’s participation within the community.

i just appreciate the nonchalantly ways m0n takes issues at hand, m0n never demonize anyone ever, that makes him a precious moderator to have. thanks for that


I still don’t understand who this M0N is. Why does he have so much equipment and super expensive stuff on top of that? Is he some kind of reviewer or does he just have a big wallet xD
But yeah, he does a real good job in that forum and seems to be very knowlegable and is always helpful

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i think that ALL moderators on here is chill, it’s part of what makes this site as good as it is i think. no sensoring what so ever, but still decency is always uphold.

i wish so much i could join the community at a meet sometime but at the time im not able to, hopefully sometime in the future


im not sure, he may be in some partnership with zeos but im not sure, i have not been bothered to ask. i know he has friends that on occasion lends him gear or simply lets him listen to his friends gear, thats all i know. i think he is pretty cool because he takes on situations in a pretty chill way. my poopy norwegian understanding of english probably ruined some of what i meant to say

i should leave a cat face at this stage



yeah, despite having a lot of audiophile exotic equipment, he is not one of those old toxic audiophiles.
But I think the headphone community in general is way less toxic than the speaker/high end equipment community. I think this could also be because headphone people are younger than speaker people


M0N-Anon :slight_smile:

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i mean im sure some of those are pretty cool too, not that im disclaiming your experience. any partical sites you’d see those speaker elitists you are refering to? been looking to get into speakers for a while actually myself so a bit of direction would be appreciated

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Cooper i have no idea of the meaning of this. what does anon mean?

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basically any other forum. Most toxic people are on ps audio forum. Reddit /r/audiophile has become a bit more peaceful.

Since I’m german I sometimes visit the german hifi forum and this forum is just a joke. It’s 99% old people who have no idea what they’re talking about with some people even claiming that amps all sound the same. They always write in that weird ‘old people tryin to be funny’ language where they use synonyms for almost every word which is just super unnecessary.

I would definitely look around on different forums, it’s always good to hear different opinions from differently minded people.
The audioscience review forum is also a good forum imo and people are usually nice to each other but sometimes it’s just too much ‘measurement elitism’ there.


Totally. Along with @WaveTheory and others. They have made our audio journeys fun and informed.


It’s an American thing, be glad you don’t get the joke.




I for one, welcome our new overlord @M0N !!!


/me begins medative @M0N Chant

Ohmmm…Ohmmm…Ohmmm… :wink:

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ROFL’d at “Why does he have so much equipment and super expensive stuff on top of that?”

Really - I laughed, and laughed until I started wondering the same thing then started to get jealous and cried and I cried.

Super glad we have M0n in our community - @Tommy is spot on with how he described him; but, I have to know if Tommy’s cat face is from Tommy’s cat or if he’s cat-catfishing all of us with that adorable floof?


With that many amps dacs streamers and all the stuff inbetween and with multiply setups I would lose my f*cking mind xD

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He is the Batman


M0N is perfect. :heart:


Wrong chant. It’s omoooon…omooooon…

I have to say HiFi Guides may be the site I feel most at home at. The kindest people, the most open minded people, and just feels cozy.

I personally have had a negative experience over at The Headphones Community, just feels kind of closed off, I feel alien over there and hence why I kind of stopped going there.

Head-Fi is the most “professional”, at least that’s how I use it.

HiFi Guides is where I feel like we can all share our honest opinion and not get cancelled or have someone up in our face. This is because of people like M0N, and because of Zeos’s community.

Love you all <3