Metal music thread & IEM for it

Thank you for sharing impressions! Quick question, how do the two HiFiMans compare against one another?

I own and adore the sonics of the RE2000 Silver & Gold (non-Pro) variants, and am always curious to learn more about how they compare against the new(er) flagship, Svanar. tyia

In my opinion, without having done direct A/B, Svanar is definitely an upgrade in almost everything - better stage, more refined treble, more textured bass, good mids and most importantly - dynamics and resolution are better. Svanar are also more comfortable. But overall it is a bit expensive for DD.

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New CCA is coming soon 4BA+2DD

Can anyone guess where my vote went :sunglasses:

4 Dynamic driver audiophile In-ear earphone IEM

6mm custom dynamic driver for High frequency x 1

8mm graphene diaphragm for Medium frequency x 1

10mm composite diaphragm for Low frequency x 2

Impedance: 16 Ohm

Sensitivity: 100dB

Frequency response: 5-30kHz


4 DDs to cover parts of the whole spectrum? Interesting! Done right could be highly musical experience but I’ll stay kind of sceptic.


The size of drivers makes more sense than CF’s Trifecta with it’s 3x10mm DD driver config…maybe in the future a 12mm, 8mm and a super tweeter now that could be :fire:… Interested to see how this works out for sure :+1:

Head-Fi shiller’s (no names necessary) be like…


lets go oilers


Shiller`s activated :smiling_face_with_tear:

I tend to think the Mangird Tea MkII is the ideal IEM for metal. It is a bit V-shaped, but the treble is well controlled, and the DD has some nice slam to it. They have great stage and imaging.

If you want something a bit less expensive, I think Kailua is my favorite pick under $100.


I love this with metal


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One of the very well mastered albums and my favorite band.