Metal music thread & IEM for it

I have Ifi Zen Dac V2 on PC, i had S12 before the Studio4, but s12 treble was a bit too much and i wanted something neutral, but seems like it’s not working for metal.

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IE600s have high frequencies too, but are more balanced. No sibilance. S12 is terrible, disgusting for metal :smiling_face_with_tear:

Okay, thanks, maybe i will try to sell S4 and then get a pair of IE600.

Ok. The IE600 is probably the most technical 1DD for metal, regardless of price. Hope you like the tonality. The timbre is also at the highest level. :wink:

To check stage, dynamics and separation!

IE600 7/10 :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:
KL Bass 7/10 :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:
FH7 6/10 :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:
B2 OG 6/10 :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:
DTE900 9.5/10 :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:

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James is genius :purple_heart:

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Veterans never disappoint. I was a teenager when I started listening to them :smiling_face_with_tear: :fire:



Another huge fan of metal music here (I talk about that in probably every review), I’d like to share some IEMs that I use and have consistently delivered for me with metal music. These are my go-to choices:

  1. Tanchjim One - Affordable and never sounds harsh.

  2. AFUL Explorer - This one feels tailor-made for metal; it’s detailed, has great bass, and never makes electric guitars or vocals sound harsh.

  3. MyerAudio CKLVX D41 - This sounds like the Explorer but with better upper treble extension that makes it sound great. Fit is an issue for me, but sound wise it is well tuned and has an excellent mid-range tuning for metal music.

  4. Binary Chopin/Truthear Nova - I don’t prefer Harman tuned IEMs in general for metal, but these two are an exception. I like the bass and treble of the Chopin. Although of these IEMs have a Harman tuning but they sound great with most genres. Both have great clarity and sound great with drums or electric guitars. Excellent vocal clarity as well.

  5. Juzear 61T - This one is a recent discovery. It has great bass and a balanced mid-range that’s perfectly positioned—not too forward and not recessed. The treble is well-controlled and never overdone. Plus, it never sounds shouty or sibilant. For the price, the detail retrieval is excellent.

  6. Softears Studio 4 - I adore this IEM for its neutrality; vocals and electric guitars feel right in your ears. Perfect clarity and passive sound isolation. The mid-range is forward but never harsh to my ears. So much detailed mid-range that makes vocals and instruments shine. It offers the one of the most realistic treble presentation I’ve experienced. Cymbal strikes and hi-hats sound incredibly lifelike, never sibilant, harsh, or splashy and sounds closer to the ear than any other IEMs on this list. Additionally, it provides excellent instrument separation.

  7. Sennheiser IE600 - This one speaks for itself; it feels like it’s made for metal, offering detail, fun, and overall excellent performance. It has excellent bass and top-notch resolution, with great treble extension. The mid-range is tuned perfectly (for me), avoiding any shoutiness. Although it has a slightly bright sound and the fit can sometimes be an issue, leading me to frequently switch tips, the sound quality is exceptional for metal. It’s highly detailed and offers great separation, making it one of my top choices for metal, even over the IE900.

  8. Elysian DIVA - Detailed, comfortable sound with great separation; no shoutiness or sibilance no matter what I listen to. This one just flows. Great all rounder but it is the best for vocals and some instruments.

Here are some IEMs I use with other music genres but don’t recommend for metal:

I will this list short as the list could be long LOL.

  1. DUNU SA6 MK II - One of the best IEMs I own and a personal favorite, but unfortunately, not suited for metal music. It’s okay for slower doom metal.

  2. Tanchjim Origin - Mid-range is a bit too forward for my taste.

  3. DaVinci - Great bass, but not ideal for metal.

  4. Blessing 2 - It sounds too intense with metal.

  5. Letshuoer Z12 - I love this IEM for its bass, planar sound, and technical prowess, but it’s sharp and not good for metal.