Meze Audio 109 Pro

These are out now, anyone have them yet or any solid reviews of them besides DMS and Resolve? They look beautiful and amazingly well built like any Meze product.

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I have a set on pre-order so hopefully October I’ll have them in hand.

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Awesome!!! I’m really looking forward to more people getting them. Been waiting a few months now. If they live up to their standards imma start budgeting for them. Even if the sound meh, I’d probably still buy them for the look and build alone. I’ve wanted a decent Meze that won’t break the bank and the bank next door. Empyrean is out of reach atm and the lyric is closed which I’m not a huge fan of.

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I’d still give the liric a shot. It’s closed but to me it doesn’t sound that way.
I’m really hoping this is an Elex fighter so I have an open back dynamic I can recommend that isn’t being discontinued and under a grand.

@Bobbyninefingers Here ya go.

Meze 109 Pro Review - Major HiFi
I’ve always liked the look of the Classic, but that would be a side grade and perhaps too dark sounding. VERY interested in this one.

The 99 Classics is a beautiful headphone with impeccable workmanship. Too bad it doesn’t sound nearly as good as it looks or as it’s built.

The highs are solid. So are the separation and imaging. Too bad the bass is bloated and flabby, overpowering the sound signature all the way to the high mids.

I owned the 99 Classics. They were fun. But they’re basically Beats in a tuxedo when it comes to sound. Super bassy.

One positive of the 99 Classics, though: Perhaps the easiest-to-drive audiophile can I’ve owned. You can run them off a phone with ease and little loss in fidelity compared to when used with an amp.

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Hey thanks for your input, but I think you may have read the title wrong. This was for the 109 Pros which just came out, not the 99 classics.

Not sure about the Classic, but the Neo if you pad swap are a solid headphone (likely the same for the classic)

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Understood. But you mentioned above you liked the look of the Classics, so I (perhaps mistakenly) interpreted that you never owned it. So, I added my feedback on the Classics to hopefully help you discern the differences between the sound signatures of the two cans.

Onward with 109 Pro discussion! :slight_smile:

$1100 CAD? YIKES!!! :flushed:

Hey no worries. :joy: it’s all good. Glad we are all on the same page. Onward indeed

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Yea, it’s like $200 more than I would have liked, but the one thing that is good about it is that Antonio Meze said he had set the price at that amount so he wouldn’t have to raise the price in the future when other things become more expensive. It sucks. But it’s still probably gonna be worth it. It’s not from what I have heard just a 99 open back. It’s much much more. New driver, newer and nicer materials, and design.

Meh I was expecting it to compete with the sennheiser lineup in price…

To be fair they are a much smaller company with a very differnt build (wood and metal vs plastic), you gotta expect the build costs to be very different hence the price difference. The question is does is live up to the price tag and from what we have been hearing ya it does

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Which lineup of Sennheiser in particular? Sennheiser has headphones starting from like $50 CAD all the way up to the $66,000 Orpheus 2. I’m assuming you are probably referring to the series of 600s. That being the 600, 650, 6XX, Jubilee and 660?

I’d have to agree with your statement on company size and materials used. It’s

$300 better than an XS or an elex tho?

Yeh I was expecting it to compete with the 600 line

In terms of sound quality, maybe not as good as an XS, Elex, probably comparable if it better from what I’ve heard. But sound is also subjective from person to person. I will say this though. From what I’ve seen and can judge from the provided photos on Meze’s website, these will be significantly better built both in quality materials (next to no plastic from what I can tell) and quality control and serviceability compared to both the Hifiman and the Focal. Is it $300 plus better? Maybe, maybe not, that would have to be up for the individual to decide. I do understand the slight frustration in enormous price jump from those two highly regarded headphones.

The XS breaks the headphone economy imo, also unpopular opinion but I don’t mind the build at all either… super comfy for a giant planar.

The meze’s do look nice but they also look basically the same as the 99s which they sell for $300, that’s why I wasn’t expecting the $800, at least they measure nice and are easy to drive (I think), same upper treble spike as the xs tho (but you can fix that on the xs with a $10 pad change)

As someone who own an Xs, probably yes (though i haven’t held a 109 so im guessing)
the Elex, well wait and see - also remember that focal is a much larger company, the have multiple divisions of audio products

Dont get me wrong i love the Xs for its sound but the build quality is of a 100-200 headphone at best

at the end of the day if they make something sounds and feels as the price tag sugggest im ok with it - wount neccerlly buy it but ill respect it, unlike a fair bit of audeze stuff which ive both heard and felt does not justify the price tag