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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No but Better With
  • Driver Type: Single DD

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At least one user was requesting some photos of them and the accessories, so here are some I took during the best period of lighting today, I’m afraid that’s all I can say about these I am not using a very good camera and I did not take any serious time to clear some space or stage anything.

(I’m making a waving “cameo” in one of these!)

Mine are the darker looking variant as opposed to silver. I know they’d pair beautifully with one of XINHS’ graphene cables such as @nymz and others have so beautifully displayed.

I mostly kept these photos to stock accessories, but one is just how I’ve been wearing them (Whirlwind tips, slender cable from Aladdin)

On a tip-rolling note – I have found that the wider the bore the better for spacial feeling and for the bass. At least in my ears, narrower tips take some definition away from male vocalists and kind of ruin what is otherwise some of the most sublime bass I’ve heard from an IEM.




Is MiM an exclusive brand from this Ethan guy? It’d be cool if it was easier to get this one.


I think so? It’s DIY, right @rattlingblanketwoman?

Mine was lightly used, but originally from the maker himself. Seems he is the only outlet (Carousell link in first post)


Before I am known as the guy who picked Oxygen over the best IEM in the world, I will say it came down to my preferences and my library more than any significant difference in the sets. If Oxygen is already on the low side of your bass preference, DM takes it down a bit. For me, I would rather sacrifice a bit of DM’s bass detail for Oxygen’s level as it works better in my library. For those who find Oxygen’s pinna gain fatiguing after a bit and limiting your volume, DM solves that. If you prefer more of that upper mid emphasis/low treble on vocals and instruments to add energy and engagement, then Oxygen.

As I said, most of it is just preferences. I prefer EJ07M over EJ07 for the same reasons. For my library, I will take a bit of extra bass and treble even if those sacrifice mids perfection. For me, I would own the DM and then EQ it halfway to Oxygen which isn’t a bad idea. Or just keep the Oxygen and my EJ07M.


Yeah Dark Magician is pretty good imo. It’s neutral with a bit of a bass boost so it’s not flat, and a mild 6k dip to prevent fatigue. Bass is nice and punchy. Timbre is excellent. Staging/imaging falls into the category of “its fine”, as expected from a single-DD.

It’s great for people who are sick of Harman IEMs with overpowering sub-bass, scooped lower mids, and shouty upper mids/lower treble. Everything sounds balanced and refined across the board.

I think it’s worth checking out if you like the tuning, although it’s going to take some extra steps to acquire one. Buying from Ethan was super smooth, just PM him on Carousell. After shipping/currency conversion/fees etc, expect to pay ~600$ for one new.


I saw a graph of how taping the main vent could increase sub-bass substantially while not really touching the other areas of the FR.

The response to my ears however:

  1. It may add extension, I’m not even going to say it sounds like it does.
  2. Say goodbye to how much you were “feeling” the bass until that point. The bass is beautifully forceful on the DM, by subtracting the air the DD moves, the profile actually sounded considerably more bass light compared to before.
  3. The immersive openness is compromised, presumably due to the constriction of air.

So to my ears, not a recommended mod. Even as someone who adores elevated sub-bass, I have not been missing it from the FR of the DM. The sub-bass/mid-bass levels are already very well tuned. What I can feel and hear seems right.

I am having a few more fit issues than at first. The shell itself does nothing to steady/secure compared to a standard UIEM design. This is of course super dependent on anatomy, I’m just talking about mine.
This led to a bit of a compromise where I wanted to use the widest bore tips I had, but needed them to extend quite deep as the contact points of the tips is the only security of fit/seal for me with this shape.

I also find the space around the shell and the lack of contact of shell to canal means isolation is not as full as with standard shapes like the Aladdin or Oracle. Almost all the listening so far had been at my desk at home. But in normal day to day life, 3/4 of my listening at least involves background noise. Without great isolation, what may be perfect bass at my desk can sound very quiet and less tangible while driving/ with running water. My current compromise that I’ll try out on the move is that I found some longer profile double flange tips (usual dome shapes) that is giving a very secure hold and seal, and I will have to see how well it has boosted isolation. I say compromise because it does have regular (narrower) bore than the tips that were providing the best acoustics for me.

Memory-foam washers (foam tips cut down to just a rim that simply seal around an unadulterated nozzle) provided great sound and seal, but I don’t consider something that needs squashing and holding in place every re-insertion to be EDC material.

Either way because the fit is so dependent on canal and not held/guided in place by my outer ear, it is a little more fidgety every time I first put them on, reminds me of Etymotic ER2XR (obviously not the depth!) / Final E4000 / to some extent NF Audio NM2+ fit where I’m holding my ear stretched and really choosing the right angle from the infinite available approaches. The Aladdins and Oracles are tied for much higher convenience over this fit.

Edit: I’m hating that the best fit I can get is still not that secure of a fit. I’m having flashbacks to the FDX1 which I was a big fan of… except for their fit.



Call me crazy, but I have to deliberate quickly especially with pricier IEMs. Fit is the dealbreaker on these for me, mine are available in the buy/sell thread. If I had infinite money to keep these as desktop critical listeners, oh I would.


@nymz, this is your chance :boom:


@nymz, are you sleeping? :running_man:

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Shame about the fit, I had the same problem with the Dunu Zen; loved the sound, couldn’t deal with the discomfort.


Sorry I was working. Im in EU, no chance for me (vat).


Same here, EU as well. Would consider it, but due to VAT I‘ll have to pass.

I literally just ordered these and saw this thread. Probably won’t be receiving them for a month or so, but from the data I’ve read and seen about these, they seem possibly quite perfect for my library and preferences. I’ll come back in a month or so and talk about my experience.

What tips did any buyers of these get with them? I can’t seem to find that info and the seller said “we aren’t sure yet, but good tips” in an email, lol.

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AET07 / sometimes made by KBEar as KBEar07

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Ahh, thank you! You are a great resource there. Every video or photo or comment I found on these just showed them without tips, or showed that a customer had put their own tip on. I wanted to know if I should look at buying my own tips before this arrives.

Super excited. I’ve been researching my ideal IEM for about 2 years, and was originally looking at the A/U12T. I couldnt quite throw down the $2k right now, but $600 I can do. I hope the bass shelf the DM has is as good for me as I expect. If not, welp, I’ll save for a bit more and get the U12.