Multi output source splitter recommendation please

I am looking to split out signal from my dac to multiple pieces of kit. I want XLR and RCA out. I would like 4 RCA out and at least one if not 2 sets of XLR out. Ability to A, B, C, D would be good but not necessary. Does such a piece exist? I can take or leave volume knob it’s not necessary. Passive is ok, but active would be better, i think. I think i need a piece of pro gear but I’m not able to get a proper google search going. Any assistance is much appreciated.

Well if you want something awesome but don’t mind paying for it lol, the dangerous music liaison is what I use to route my studio gear, but it is not really something I would recommend for this application, but I will mention it because it might get you on the right path for studio gear

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Not quite what i am looking for but it’s a start. I’m trying to avoid pulling and plugging RCA’s daily. I want to go from Source to DAC and then from DAC to multiple pre-amplifiers and amplifiers. I’ve got the RCA splitter game going on now, it’s not bad, so far no noise. I’m decently happy but my OCD has my left eyeball twitching at all the wiring splits…:crazy_face:

What does monitor mean in the studio world? I feel silly asking but I don’t properly understand how the term is being used. Do they mean speakers or screens?

Ah, well sorry then I guess I misunderstood

Something like this then? You could get xlr to rca adapters. There are larger versions of this (also powered), but I just want to get an idea what you are looking for

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Studio monitors are typically speakers with a more even response for music production

Yes yes, now you got it. I think something like that. I was looking at his baby brother, somehow i could not get this one to pop up in my searches.

Something like this may help too (but it’s a little overpriced in my mind)

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I think there are cheaper pro options, but if you care about looks and want something that might be a bit smaller, stuff like this would be worthwhile

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That’s the company! I knew i had seen that thing somewhere, i just could not find it again. Ha, as always thank you Mon. You gave me a few choices and got my google “FU” back on track!

I figured the pro-market has all sorts of source splitters. I just had no idea where to start and my searches were frustrating me. You have an idea of what i am trying to do now

Not sure if I fully understand what you want.

The Sonifex Redbox RB-DA6 is a 6-way XLR (= balanced) splitter.

There is the ART SSC that does 3 stereo outs from 2 (technically 3) inputs, does not have XLR though, so you would need a DI-Box (I prefer passive ones, but YMMV), like the ART Dualzdirect wich just happens to have a through on the unbalanced side.
Biggest downside of throwing money at ART gear is that they love their 1/4" jacks, so you will need to get some mono 1/4" to cinch cables.

For just a HUGE bunch of stereo outs (or ins), there is the Split Mix 4 wich is a passive 4 way splitter and mixer. Works pretty okay in my experience.
Just note that all the way up on the mixer means “as input level”, so no long cable runs on either side of the thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Then there are various rack mixers that do 5 inputs to 3 outputs (sometimes called “zones”). Those mixers have the advantage of allowing multiple inputs to be mapped to several outputs.
One such mixer is the DAP Audio IMIX-7.3
The “recording output” is just regular RCA.

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The art scc is pretty great imo, have used one before and it’s a solid piece of kit

For those trying to assist me, thank you. I’m thinking of trying to clean up this mess. It’s a multi way 2.1 system that currently gives me 9 Dac/pre-amp/amplifier options depending on my mood and what i feel like listening to. I can’t decide which sound signature I enjoy best so I just use them all depending on my mood😝 So far I got it all to play well and have managed NOT to induce any noise, which is a blessing. I’m not crazy about switching the speaker inputs by hand and I think I can get 3 or 4 more combos with a multi - output device. I’m really not sure yet but wanted to explore whatever options folks threw my way. Much thanks again guys.

All I can say is that surprisingly still looks organized and also I am surprised that you have no interference or noise lol


Bite your tongue…please. So far it’s dead silent. No nasty hisses or whines…I hope my luck holds up💪

I’m hoping not to have to add another 100lb amp somewhere in the line for those HE6se’s. I also want to add one of the THX models but the only one with a pass-thru is the Massdrop and I haven’t been keen on getting into the drops. At this point I’m curious how many more amps I can put in-line before i develop a serious ground loop or hiss issue. I’m eyeballing another pre-amp or 2 just to hear if they make a difference in the music. Fucking @ZeosPantera, he started me down this rabbit hole and i can’t stop yet🤪

You are gunna have to get a pretty powerful speaker amp to get the most out of em im tellin ya lol. Even a 6wpc at 50 ohm headphone amp wasn’t enough

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I have a monoprice monolith 200watt per channel into 8ohm to try and an old onkyo receiver that pumps clean 160watt x2. Pulling ‘em from my HT stash just to try, then i’m gonna hit the for sale used adds if none of the smaller units work well. Damn me, i can’t pass up a good sale😂

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You (like someone else I recently talked to), will recive a personal message with a mess of cables I made last week.
Because that right there, is tidy!

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