My monoprice m570 issues, a more comprehensive post about my problems with them

So I received a potentially/most likely broken M570 a few weeks ago and I have written on a few posts about them.
most won’t really care about this at all
l want to create this post to be more organized and comprehensive documentation from someone who has bought them burned them in tried them and thoroughly disliked them for one reason or the other.

After receiving this headphone from the post office it sat in my car for more than 8 hours in about minus10- minus 30-degree weather honestly I’m not sure. when I got home from work I put them in a warm location in my household to let them climatize.

when I found the time I unboxed them took a few beauty shots then plugged them in for the initial test. I plugged them into my Stack: aD10 into a LS. Connected to my pc which has spotify. I started taking it though my usual tests tracks out of spotify.

overall first impressions were a disappointment.
Pros so far at this point: detail amazing for the price
build was great
comfort pretty good
imaging was pretty good

Cons: bright super sibilant
weird hollow-sounding effect sorta resonance
does not do well with busy tracks

I gave it 24 hours after to burn in after that I’m not a huge believer in burn in but anything to try to fix these cans. I then gave it about a week and a half of using them on and off about 20 hours of actually listening to them was anything fixed? not really aside from my ears getting used to the highs but I could not bring myself to enjoy them.

My biggest complaint about them was resonance. I’ve haven’t heard anything like in a long time last time was the m1060. It made songs, podcasts, youtube comentary, and video game lets plays sound hollow and like recorded in a big room that does not have any sort of soundproofing. I thought It was just detail I was missing before. I plugged in my m58x, 990, and 4xx and none made any sort of effect similar to it.

Tracks I notice this the most in

male vocals are the biggest culprits.

I was also watching Jesse cox and Dodger’s playthough of life is strange 2 and it was the most noticeable there as well as listening to podcasts like tigerbelly. the pattern seems to be is in simpler tracks where we have a vocal particularly male focus the resonance comes through the most.

Tuning and presentation
the sound sig on this headphone wasn’t actually that bad it was pretty great a nice amount of bass the mids pulled back a wee bit adn very sharp highs. my problem was the fact that it really hit me in mysensitive region which is about 7.8-9k im pretty sensitive to sibilance. now you migh be thinking " but you own the 990 and have said to really love them" in this case it’s a matter of presentation the dt 990 is bright and sharp but not as aggressive about it and also doens’t have as big of a spike in the 8k region. the 570 was a gressive and was really shoving detail down my ear canals to painful levels. and had to turn it down to really listen to them but I would start to miss the nicer bass response and the details in the mids.
so I have a headphone that forces me to turn it down and is impossible fo me to tolerate loud yikes.

Channel imbalance
this is where I deemed them to be broken started my amazon return.
channel imbalance at this price point is unnacceptable. it starts at abou 660 hz and ends about 900 where the image moves back and forth from the left to right and right to left several times. honestly, this was very upsetting to me.
the way I tested this is by going on youtube and other sources and listening to those headphone tests that go from liek 10 hz ot 20 khz
and pan accross the spectrum I do this for every headphone I own.
and to make sure it wasn’t anything in my setup I changed my source to my fiio q1 mk2, fiio e10k as well as changed browsers, test tracks, and headphones.

this is just the cherry on top. the separation on them sucked in busy tracks. where my other 3 headphones I tested them with suceeded it failed.
tracks that were noticablefor this

I hope this will be helpful or useful or at least enjoyable for someone.


just to make sure I have the same issue or not, what do you mean by “resonance” in the songs?

There sounds like an added echo or hollowness to the sound. Metal said it best actually “it sounds like a box vibrating” another method is doing a test time sweep across the frequencies and if you here the frequencies come in and out and the image change from left to right and back and forth very rapidly like I did then that means you have an issue.

i did not notice any resonance in male vocals in the YouTube videos here or any congestion in the last section. The bass heavy song by JUNKY really shined with the m570.

My only problem is it does not bode well with Dolby Atmos for headphones in Battlefield 1, ruins the signature.

Your headphones bad range could be different from mine .or there may be nothing wrong with that headphone and you just don’t like it. But I will say virtual surround sound often fucks with audio anyway

when you play competitive with your DT990, do you enable windows sonic or dolby atmos for headphones or any other VSS?

wow, i’d really love to hear these headphones at their best but it seems like you’d have to buy it used from someone who says its ok lol. is QC this bad from monoprice?

Monoprice has always had QC and build issues. It’s one of the reasons I avoid their products.

I don’t use any of that cause the games I play have really good sound engines built in and I know the headphone in and out and how it images. I’ve also played the games enough to know sound ques and even telling what character is being used based a foot step

With the headphones seems to be the 1060 and some others had bad QC as well. But their amps seem to be fine for the most part. Haven’t seen anyone really complain about their monoprice amp like the spark or platinum