Need advice on gaming headphones

Hello. Noob here, please bare with me.

I am looking for competitive gaming headphones, occasionally music but not important as I have speakers for that.

Some info:

  1. Preferably under 200$, don’t want to spend much but can if it’s really something awesome.

  2. The headphones don’t need to include a Mic, but I would like use one attached to them.

  3. What’s important are features for FPS games, titles as CS:GO and the new COD Modern Warfare. So it’s important to hear footsteps and opponent’s movements.

  4. For other games (RPG…etc) sound quality doesn’t matter as I mostly also use speakers.

  5. I have (Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless) that I got as a gift with a purchase, I do not like them at all, for anything, except maybe their comfort. The sound quality in music or movies is average or below IMO, the volume levels are so low, they feel weak and always not enough, effect modes are garbage, maybe I’m doing something wrong. In gaming they are absolutely horrible, apart from the latency (which is not their fault, I understand bluetooth), the sounds are all over the place, directions are incomprehensible, footsteps are heard but without being able to pinpoint locations. If I want to use the built-in mic in gaming (using USB connection), the sound quality dramatically decreases as they go into some “phone calls” mode.

  6. I have looked around the forum and different guides but I am REALLY puzzled. I’m currently eyeing the SENNHEISER HD 58X, as I’ve seen many people recommending them.

  7. I don’t have any amp/DAC, and I don’t know if I need them for whatever reason.

  8. I have Behringer UMC204HD Audio Interface that I use for my guitars, don’t know if that matters but thought I’d mention it.

  9. I’m not really needy or spoiled, I’d be happy with decent sound quality but does the job perfectly in gaming, I am not an audiophile.

  10. I have ZERO idea if I want them closed or open, I don’t think I even had open.

  11. I have seen members saying in their post “if you do not want to use Drop”, why wouldn’t I want to use Drop?

  12. I am very sorry for the looong post.

I’m eager for advice, just consider yourself gifting your friend awesome headphones for gaming with mic and amp/DAC if you think it’s needed as a new year’s gift, that HE pays for.

Thank you!

The DT 880 is the go to competitive shooter headphone from what I have read in these parts. The higher the ohm rating the better for that set if cans, but for sure the 250 and 600 omh version will require an amp. But those can be had cheap these days. For a mic just get a mod mic. There cheap and can be attached to your headphones.

As for mass drop they are great if the product you want is ready to ship. If it is not it can take a long time for it to get sent out to customers. There return policy is a tad wonky too from what I hear.

I wouldn’t recommend the 880 in this case as a setup like that would probably push over his budget, as even with the 250 ohm you would still want a mic and another amp so I think you would end up around like 300 in

I would say a ad700x and a modmic if you want a headset would actually me more appropriate, because you don’t really need an amp to take advantage of them and it would better fit in his budget. The ad700x do a fantastic job for placement of audio and also emphasize spatial queues very well.

Since you have the mic interface thought, would you be opposed to getting something like a Shure sm48lc and a cheap mic arm? It would cost about the same as a modmic and you could get better sound. You can also run the headphones off of the interface too

The ad700x is more for gaming imo, but if you want a good all rounder the 58x is there and that would be my pick

Hmm, op posts wall of text. Gets wall of text back. Op dies of old age

Thank you all for the replies.

The mic isn’t an issue I guess, I do have a generic mic with an arm that I can use, I’m not sure how comfortable is that or how my keyboard will sound though. Will try!

What are the benefits of running the headphones through the interface?

Thank you! Keep those text walls coming!

Well that would help budget wise then, because then the 880 250 ohm can become viable imo. You could pick that up with an amp like the jds labs atom or liquid spark and connect it to the line out of your audio interface and use it as a dac, so that would be pretty sweet, but it would still be like 50 ish bucks over budget

With the 58x or ad700x I don’t think you would need an amp and can use the built in amp in your interface, which should be a bit cleaner than your motherboard audio and it would be well within budget.

I think if you are willing to spend for the 880 250 ohm and a jds labs atom amp (and some 1/4 inch to rca cables to connect the amp to your interface) that would be my pick, but if you don’t want to go over budget, the ad700x would be leaning more towards competitive and better for gaming, while the 58x is good for more casual gaming and music (as the 700x can be a bit iffy with some genre)

For modern warfare I have a particular fondness for the he 4xx. The dt 990, and 880 are also good options

Thank you Mon for the great info. I think you’re kinda saying that the interface can serve as a DAC? And then depending on the headphones I might need an amp or not. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve just tested my mic and I do not think this option is viable, too bulky, and keyboard strokes are picked up even more than speech. I think something like Antlion ModMic for 45$ or similar/cheaper would be better.

Can I use the 880 250 with modmic connected to atoms then to interface (300+$)? Would that be far superior than ad700x with modmic to interface (165$)?

I found the 990 cheaper than 880 on Amazon. The 600 Ohm version isn’t much more expensive. Also the 880 comes in pro and premium versions, any difference?

Correct, you can use the monitor line out on the back of your interface to have it act as a dac. You would want to get an amp if you consider the 880, but you would prob be fine without buying an external amp with the 58x and 700x

Cool. Antlion also sells an xlr audio adapter so you could plug that mic into your interface for better sound quality than your motherboard, so that’s neat

I think it would, but you are paying for that for sure. Also you can go for the 600 ohm 880 if you do pick up an amp. I think you could get a schiit heresy or monolith liquid spark and drive the 600 ohm (which imo is the better version compared to the 250 ohm, but they need a good amp). I don’t know if it would wipe the floor with the ad700x or anything for gaming, but I think it would be a clear improvement for games, music, and also comfort and build

I personally don’t prefer the 990 because the 990 is too treble heavy and bright for most people honestly. I do think the best out of the lower end beyer line is the 880 specifically 600 ohm. The main difference between the pro and the premium is that the pro comes with more clam and a coiled cable, where the premium is a bit more comfortable and comes with a straight cable, so I would recommend the premium version

Considering that he’s only (or mostly because he has speakers) using it for gaming tho (990) I don’t think it’s a bad idea

True, but I mean I do think the 880 600 ohm can recreate a space better leading to more accurate imaging and soundstage compared to the 990 imo

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Fair enough, I meant mostly assuming that with the 990 he didn’t need a high impedence version and therefore a dac

I would honestly only recommend the 250 and 600 ohm 880 or 250 or 600 ohm 990, and they would prob want an amp. The special 32 ohms ones are not that great

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from my experience but I dont have the 880 on hand to compare the 990 has better imaging than the 880 but I know how the 990 images like the back of my hand out of pure experience

Yeah they are admittedly pretty close for spatial recreation, I just give the slight edge to the 880 for imaging and soundstage (and also the better tuning imo but that’s more preference)

I think I will go with the AD700x with V-MODA BoomPro (150$). Don’t think I need to invest more than that in my gaming experience. If the AD700X does indeed provide great footsteps direction then I guess that’s good enough for me, or maybe the 58x as an all rounder, being an audio-noob I probably wouldn’t notice the difference much anyway. hmm

You would notice a difference between the 58x and the 700x imo. The 700x is a fair bit more bright and bass light signature, where the 58x is a more warmer and thick sound. Also imo the comfort and build on the 58x is better, but for competitive gaming I think the 700x images better and also emphasizes footsteps more but ends up sounding wonky for some music and might leave some wanting a little bit more bass in their music. The 58x is more a music headphone but is still great for gaming, but I think the 700x is better for competitive play where the 58x shines more in the just enjoy it/casual games

the 58x can do pretty damn well in competitive games as well

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Do you have any idea how they compare to the PXC 550?

The 58x is going to be closer sounding to the 550 but better refined signature, alot more open, and with better detail, imaging, and soundstage. The 700x is going to be a fair bit brighter and more open, with more immediately noticable imaging and soundstage benefit, but might be a bit lacking in warmth and low end at first

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