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I edited 1 post, the last one to make clear i want my set because that seems to constanly be over looked
And by the looks the simple “Get me my set” was met with a simple reply.

I’m not walking back anything or going to abandon the topic since I know more than most cuz I spoke to folks in China.

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What origin story? What part is conflicting?

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  • You ain’t answerable to anyone, except yourself, for your own honest and spontaneous opinions. The iems do incite such an expression. So do not let what others are saying quench your flame of enthusiasm. No need to be wary of anything at all.
  • That was a wonderfully ornamental piece of prose you have put together. Made me exercise my vocabulary a bit too to formulate a suitable reply. Been years since I did that.

I’ve been listening to this bad boys all morning and I love them. They are not perfect (no IEM is) but they are very good. Very detailed without being sterile, the timbre is natural, the presentation is energetic, and my set is very well built.

Regarding all the drama, I will say this:
If anyone bought this set because of the story behind it, you guys are naive…
I’m not saying the story is not true… But I have not way to verify so to me, the story is just that, a story.
What I valued was the recommendations that @AmericanSpirit_JP did.
The SR5 is a set that I liked very much as others in the space did.
Same happened with the DTE500 and the SR8… And with other sets…
So what I valued was the recs, and for me the recs were solid… That’s why I jumped to this set… And until today I’m very happy I did.


Referencing how the Butastur was created (origin story).

Some feel you weren’t forthcoming with disclosing from jump that it was based on the W10 shell.

Regardless of, from my understanding, it has completely different drivers, tuning, venting, switch crossovers, faceplate etc. But shares same cable and tips?

They feel duped because it was described as an original design, not from an off the shelf parts bin. As well as hyped.

What it did do was deliver on it’s described sound signature and sound quality, and many reviewed it positively. So…?

I think that’s it in a nutshell. (EDIT and lack of addressing QC issues)


All the ^^^

@hawaiibadboy This’s why I thought it wise not to lock the thread…What happens in the NOB thread stays in the NOB thread…I’d rather it not spillover to other threads. I’ve kinda drawn a line under it now as have most folks :man_shrugging:…We’ve learnt, become smarter…I guess apart from you’re good self and maybe a couple of other customers that had QC issues it was a storm in a tea cup compared to other ChiFi shenanigans oh and lets not forget the Trinity :poop:


Thanks for the summary man!

Here is some clarification if someone need those:

W10 is where I got to know there is a man in China who maybe capable to unleash a beast to international market. I ordered it myself but didn’t like the tuning at all, despite it indicated the technicality part is something worthy.

I mentioned Night Oblivion is a Chinese domestic one man Brand serving to Chinese Domestic Market before this project at the introduction post.

Butastur’s shell could be any shape, it’s just that with 10BA capacity and my requirement of “ please make it as small as possible”, Jinny decided W10’s shell is sufficient enough to start with the project.

I can take a picture at my home, but I don’t think they are using exact same mold, the design is different so the detailing could reflect those.

At least my W10 doesn’t come with same cable, it was IEM only model. The requirement is “best of a kind” , so that’s the best cable Jinny could source for Butastur. Ear tips are just template ones, no dramas there.

If anyone consider Butastur is W10’s rebranded one, I can send my W10 and let you try it, they are apple to orange :ok_hand:

Butastur is a project started with Jinny from the ground zero, the number of drivers and rest of the specs are decided within discussion of what kind of sound I wanted.

Hope this clarifies.


Thanks - some times I need to hear that. I have a pretty relentless internal gatekeeper, so many times I’ll revert to lurking. I’m definitely enjoying this forum, though, and I do want to contribute in positive ways.


Moved waiting for reply


Confused 2

This sound so immature. If I have any issues with Hbb branded Iem will you replace it out of pocket for us all? If so give me your contact I will let everyone know how to contact you when their Hbb branded items have issues.


Since nobody who wanted blood sport chimed in…I delete this and move on. Fight your own battles kids

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Internet or the law of whoever shouts the loudest, the law of influencers.

I understand the problem with after-sales service, really not great. But it’s not like these IEMs were a scam, that not everyone received them or that they all had quality problems.

There, that was transformed into assumptions about a project based on photos and assumptions.
We’ll think we’re on X

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True true
I just want it replaced
it it was deemed worthy of and he said he’d reach out to Jinny yesterday. I talk to China daily…it’s not a big deal so I’d like to get my set and move on.

There is no dispute on if it should be changed.
It’s been a long time, lets go.

At the same time, I understand that you’re angry because it’s been quite a while.
Just don’t be too easy to condemn

It’s Chifi and repurposing stuff is common.
I would like to get my set and move on and let customers decide based on SQ and their own experience.
Mine went bad…it happens.
Lets fix and move on
I deleted my post since the folks who want to see bloodsport sit back silently so…fuck em, let them fight their own battles.
They don’t even reply what at marked so they can get their entertainment elsewhere


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I understand your frustration due to the prolonged unresolved issue of yours. However, that is no reason for you to try to incite outrage by claiming @AmericanSpirit_JP is ripping us off by upselling an already available cheaper model, when you have not heard the W10 yourself. I know that repurposing chi-fi is a very common practice, but even if they used the same shell and same BA drivers, if the tuning is very strikingly different, then that has credit on its own.

You tried to establish the fact that he is a fraud, and wanted to cook up a ‘blood sport’, maybe out of frustrations that the issue of your unit is yet unresolved. This was a very childish and purposeless conduct I would say.

This is a place for discussion, not a slaughterhouse. I am glad to see that common sense prevailed and the earlier members did not rise to your taunts, behaving like mature people, much unlike your proclamation ‘kids’. They do not have any battles to fight because they do not have any faults with their units.

At least you had the grace to delete the post.


@AmericanSpirit_JP to establish the fact that W10 is indeed different than Butastur, would you like to send it to me, in India? I will send it back to you at my own cost. I can provide detailed comparisons along with measured graphs as well. I believe that will clear up some unnecessary conflicts rising here.


Do you want to get into this and involve Penon reviewers who are being quiet?
This is between me and @AmericanSpirit_JP from this point on unless you want to go into the weeds?
Thanks for staying out of it and note that I deleted that post.
We wait for my unit to get replaced

I have a set bought from used market in China originally bought in July. I can do that too :call_me_hand: