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This was posted a long time ago… IEM discussion thread - #2319 by Resolution

New 3D metal (Amorphous alloy) printing tech… Making of IE 600 In-Ear Headphones | Sennheiser - YouTube

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What the? Where the hell you’ve been all these time @Resolution ? Long time I didn’t see you here :smiling_face_with_tear:

I think it’s happening: zex pro is a tribrid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More seriously, the trn Bax is making quite an entrance in my community, and it’s 300 bucks

On another note, a little bit of teasing never hurt anyone, right? :smirk:

I’m writing off my experience with teas. The more I think about it, the more I realize how much of an impact it will have on my audiophile Journey.

RikudouGoku’s earbuds - Berserker 1 and Lancer 1

Alright, it’s that time of the year again. The buds are making a comeback in my collection, as I gave most of what I had away to friends and random people, leaving me mostly with my trusted custom DIY Blur PK32.

Earbuds are starting to trend again as two well known chads decided to start selling their stuff: @Rikudou_Goku and @tgx I’m close to both and I could not let the opportunity pass to talk about their work and help it get some recognition, which brings us to this post, which will address 2 RG Buds I got last week and spent some hours with each one.

Disclaimer: All the listening was done using Tidal Hifi and Flac files. Sources used were mainly Cayin N3 Pro (solid state), Xduoo MT-602 and Xduoo XD-05 Plus with Burson V5i opamps. I paid for the buds with my own money but was given a big discount. No incentives were given to write anything about these, good or bad. All thoughts and opinions will be my own, despite my close relationship with Riku.

The house sound

Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows Riku’s target and preferences tilt into basshead territory. Elevated sub-bass with a clean cut into the mids and a not so elevated pinna gain, but giving preference to a well extended upper treble.

These preferences passed on to his work. His house sound revolves around bass, with sub over mid, with fast and tight impacts. His favorite technicality, just like mine, it’s the need for a very open and airy soundstage, which I welcome every day of the week, and his buds deliver just that.

Where we always end up disagreeing is on (upper) mids or lower treble, but I’m confident enough to say that he knows what he is doing and he’s taking a good neutral approach regarding these.

So far, great. Now into specifics!

RG Earbuds - Lancer 1

Before I start, I wanna leave a word on driveability and scalability. Lancer 1 has 150ohm and will eat most people you throw at it. The reason I’m mentioning this is that I can’t recommend it if you plan to straight plug it into your phone or apple dongle. Buds scaling is much bigger, closer to open backs than to IEMs. You’ve been warned.

Lancer 1 promises a land of less bass quantity and more emphasis on other regions. If I had to describe its FR, I would say with some certainty that it’s a W-shaped earbud.

Sub-bass is tastefully done and elevated, extending lower frequencies effortlessly, using that mid-bass clean cut to show its claws without bleeding into the mids. This results in a lot of texture, which even a basslet (compared to him) like me claps like a seal. The mid bass is clean but has a lot of impact, despite not being the star of the show. This is the second best bass I’ve heard in any bud, only surpassed by its brother below.

The rest of the mid frequency is pretty neutral to slight forward, and could use more detail, but due to the tuning and my IEM spoiled brain, this is more a nitpick than an actual flaw. What I’m not a fan of, is male vocals, which feel a bit recessed and blurred into the mid chops of a song. The female ones are actually fine where I could use a bit more bite, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

Treble is pretty neutral and tastefully done as well. Nothing ever feels sharp, out of place, making you settled to enjoy these for a full work day without any problem. Extension is there but not overly cooked, making you miss no detail and bringing lots of air into the mix.

Now technicalities are absolutely stunning but one part: separation and layering in the mid frequencies. This is the only thing I think could be improved and I have to point out, because every other thing about techs is great to me, including its timbre or resolving power.

Quickly comparing them with my Blurs PK32, the Lancer 1 has straight out better bass and timbre. The Blurs still win from mids to the upper treble, feeling less veiled and better separation thrown into the mix. The stage and imaging are better in the Lancer 1. Overall I think they are pretty different and better at stuff that the other isn’t, which shows incredible value on Lancer 1 when compared directly to a many times more expensive Blur. For those source freaks like me, Lancer 1 also scales better than Blur with power and tubes (directly or pre-amped).

Lancer 1 reminds me a lot of a Blur MX64 STE, but with much better timbre and less fatiguing, maybe giving the impression of coming out as a hair less resolving. I would take Lancer 1 over it, anyway and I consider it an upgrade to that pair, and costs half the asking price.

Value rank: 5/5; Personal Rank: S+

RG Earbuds - Berserker 1

The bassy brother. “F**k you, bass” as Crinnacle would put it.

L-shape with upper mids recession, the Zerker is the dark coffee of your morning. I was only going for Lancer 1 but I caved and got the brother as well. It was surprising since the first track. Despite its bass elevation, it’s more immersive and less in your face replay… Unless you blast the volume knob! Scales pretty well, let me tell you.

Sub-bass heavy, clean cutted transition into the mids, the star of the show. Tight, fast, detailed and textured, taking over the replay. It’s so well that that makes some IEM’s sub-bass cry. It’s the best earbud bass I’ve heard, period.

Mid-bass is more tucked in, just enough for warmth and presence, and giving a great replay of male vocals.

The upper mids are a bit recessed, making it not the best suited for extended female vocal replays or piano concerts, but still well done and not offensive.

Treble is on the darker side, despite a little bit of extension. If it was an IEM, we were talking about EJ07 levels of upper treble or less (WTB EST buds, by the way). Cymbals and guitars feel somewhat recessed and tucked in, missing some of that upper harmonic detail and giving it a sense of a faster decay, but again, nothing offensive to the replay. I get a feeling it is not its focus anyway.

Technically speaking, just like its brother, the stage and imaging are great, but the Lancer is more detailed and with better timbre. Resolving power feels less due to not having as much treble fake sense of details, but given its low end, I will have to say the details are still pretty good.

Even though it’s not my usual tuning, I pretty much love it in its specific genres. I have no doubt in my mind that the Berserker 1 is a top notch contender for bassheads or the usual X6/Qian39 upgrade searchers.

Value rank: 5/5; Personal Rank: S


These two earbuds will be kept in my daily rotations. Lancer 1 is closer to my tastes but the Zerker has earned its own spot due to its stellar bass for an earbud.

Each of these two buds retails for 50 Eur + shipping, putting it in a strong contender spot for endgame in the earbud world, without breaking the bank. @Rikudou_Goku’s work gets the Cult seal of approval. If this is the start, sky might be the limit. Cables lack some quality but are more than fine, and I know it’s something he’s trying to work around. If you’re ever looking for buds, talk to him and let him guide you on his offers (when he has stock). The guy deserves the support.

Touché. Can’t wait to hear @tgx’s Serratus.


Glad my tour helped you out!! Can’t wait to read it!

Thank you @nymz, bought the same pair shortly after you so not as far into them. As you mentioned, knowing @Rikudou_Goku, the quality bass and attention to not stretching either driver, nothing overdone to the point of affecting sound quality, is what you would expect from his tuning. If you have read a few of his reviews, you have an idea of his priorities and those are reflected in both pairs.

I am just a casual (shitty) bud user so I don’t have the depth in understanding where these fit in the scheme of more expensive buds so I do appreciate your take on that. I actually asked Riku the same question after I said wtf. I do lean towards Berserker as that is the signature I was looking for, but glad I bought the pair to also have a set that is more refined, a better sense of higher resolution with buds that I was missing with cheap buds.



Is on the planning board…if my DD + BA setup works and there is room for a sonion EST.
(99% sure it wont work though…)

There is another driver, a DLC DD with sub-bass that puts the Berserker to shame, sadly the treble is extremely dark. Which is why I am planning on having a BA tweeter complement that area. Although I dont expect it to work due to the size constraints…


I can second that the Berserker1 is wonderful, and has probably the best implementation of bass in a bud I’ve heard yet. It is a killer unit, and even more of a killer for the money!


Buds are trick for people like us. You can clearly understand the value of their cheap price, but we own expensive iems and that tilts perception.

My own example, I can understand X6 value since its costs 10 bucks or something like that. Cheap buds have crazy value but its wont trigger our joy anymore. Once you get totl (crazy over priced) and diy customs, you get back some sense of quality for price again, minus some outliers like LBBs that it’s clearly a fluke by K’s Earphones.

What brings excitement about buds like the Zerker is that it now opens up the quality for music genres that require sub-bass.

Most totl buds are great for genres like jazz, classical, orchestral, accoustic, femal vocal, etc. This changes it a bit.


Speaking of LBBS
@nymz or @Rikudou_Goku how is lancer as compared to stock LBBS skipping low end? Is it similar maybe to LBBS with +15dB low shelf EQ profile for that you posted on your thread some time ago (that I admit use from time to time)?
Do you plan maybe something less bass heavy?

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Branded buds cant compare to DIY buds and that includes the LBBS which I still think is one of the best branded buds.

Lancer isnt that bass heavy, IMO the sub-bass boost I gave it just neutralizes the roll-off that buds naturally have from the perspective of my iem basshead brain.

I do have a different tuning of the Zerker driver, called the Saber 1, which is essentially the Zerker but more balanced (taming down the bass) instead of basshead territory.

Then if you want something that is more neutral, I have another model called the Alter Archer 1, if you have the Sony MDR-CD900ST, that is essentially it.

In the future, I have a Chaconne killer coming. :smirk:


Bravo bravo :clap: @nymz. I’ve only had the opportunity to try out two buds so far, but I’ve been impressed with both. Together they total barely $30 MSRP and I have to admit, they pretty much compete with my Meles in terms of which set I pick up. My only issue is fit so far. MX500 chassis is absolutely a no go for my right ear. Pretty severe discomfort after only 15-20 minutes. EB2S is better, but after about an hour, that same discomfort comes back in the right ear. I really
Hope I can find a comfortable set eventually because I’d really love to dive into buds more aggressively.

Anyways … the value is unmistakable! @Rikudou_Goku well done, good sir! I hope I can try out your sets one day! @nymz fantastic write up as usual, brother! Again, your English is fantastic :sunglasses:


Thanks! Glad you guys enjoying, because baby, we are on a roll!


BQEYZ Autumn - Unboxing

Graphs (3 Magnets)


Oh no, 5K peak we meet again…


What do you mean? :smirk:


Hehe neat trick. But then the upper mids seem a bit recessed no?

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“normal” config + tanya might have a bass shelf closer to the stock “bass” config.

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